Fantasy Sports Scores with Mobile and Online Users

Cheryl Pearson-McNeil | 12/11/2013, 6:10 p.m.

So, how is all of this fantasy playing going on? According to research, more than 87 million Americans visited sports websites from April-June this year. In addition, 36 million smartphone owners use sports apps. Fantasy football apps are by far the most popular of the fantasy sports apps, with more than 10 million Americans using them and that number is up 15 percent from last year. The two most popular football apps used are Yahoo! and ESPN, with about 5 million users each during a one month period in 2013. That period also showed that fantasy players spend an average of two hours and 14 minutes per person using these apps. And, the average person opened these apps 27 times. That’s some serious dedication.

Here’s a look at the top five sports websites among fantasy sports players from April – June this year based on the number of site visitors:

Yahoo! Sports - 1.3 million

ESPN Digital Network - 1 million

FOXSports.com on MSN - 957,000

MLB.com - 614,000

Big Lead Sports by FSV Network - 609,000

So with all these insights on fantasy sports, it shows that Americans are die hard sports fans. I mean truly die hard. But, even though it’s “fantasy” remember you are still flexing your consumer muscles. You have the power to choose, so make those picks wisely and strategically. That’s one bit of advice that I can offer. Good luck with your teams!

Cheryl Pearson-McNeil is senior vice president of Public Affairs and Government Relations for Nielsen. For more information and studies go to www.nielsen.com.