Dear Alma: New beau not all smiles

Alma Gill | 8/18/2014, 10:45 a.m.
Dear Alma, I met a great guy online. We talked for a long time before we met and really got ...

Dear Alma,

I met a great guy online. We talked for a long time before we met and really got a chance to know each other. He is funny and kind and I totally enjoy being with him. He’s tall and handsome and has a great job working for the government. He has a condo and a nice car. I mean, he has it going on. We have the same mutual interest and I really want to see us work it out, but there’s one thing. He has a terrible gaps in his teeth and some are crooked. When he smiles, he looks homeless. I know he has insurance because he has a professional job. I don’t want to stop seeing him, but I can’t stand it when he opens his mouth. What do you think I should do?

Mizz LaRose

Hey Mizz LaRose,

You said nothing but a word. I cannot tolerate a man with a jacked up grill either. I know dental costs are expensive, but if your car and your home are nice, how in the world can you walk around with tic-tac-toe teeth? What a super turn off.

Now, let me back step a minute and say, I do admire your persistence and ability to focus on all the positives, he has to offer and not dwell on a negative that can be corrected.

I also agree with you, he should have insurance, but maybe he’s afraid. You know many people are, surveys show 75 percent of Americans admit to being afraid of the dentist. Let’s help him get past that.

You‘ve gotta tell him, cause you really like him. In a nice way, there’s no need to be brutal or hurtful. Have him over for dinner, or go out, whichever you prefer. At the end of the evening, after the kiss, right before the goodbye, hand him a card to your dental office. Mention you just recently had your teeth cleaned and your dentist is looking for new patients. Use the word “we” not “you” as you continue with, “We all need to keep up with our dental hygiene.” Boom, there you go. If he goes, then he’s interested in getting the work done. If not, he doesn’t mind the way his teeth look or again, he may be afraid. Give him a few weeks and check on his progress. If the relationship is still on the right track, tell him you’re going to make his appointment and go with him, providing the encouragement and support he needs. Remind him how handsome he is and how professional he’ll look when this situation is corrected. Oh, and after his teeth are repaired, don’t forget to kiss him every time he flashes that great big beautiful smile.


From a reader: This is the worst advice I’ve ever heard!!! Just tell the man he has a pretty smile and ask him has he ever considered getting his teeth straightened. He may never have thought about it or feels there’s nothing wrong with his teeth. So ask him, he may tell you why he hasn’t gone instead of you giving him a card to a dental office suggesting he make an appointment. How would that make you feel if someone did that to you?


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