District 202 selling 1,500 surplus computers to public

7/17/2014, 8:28 p.m.
The sale will be held Aug. 2 and limits purchases to one computer per adult.
Dell Latitude model E6400 laptop

Dell Optiplex model 960 desktop

Dell Optiplex model 960 desktop

Plainfield School District 202 issued this news release:

District 202 will sell surplus laptop and desktop computers to the community starting at 8 a.m. Saturday, August 2, 2014 at Plainfield North High School, 12005 S. 248th Ave., Plainfield.

The event will continue until 4 p.m., or until all computers are sold, whichever comes first. Customers are welcome to line up before 8 a.m. The line will start at the east door leading directly to the school cafeteria. A number will be issued to each adult. Customers’ place in line will be determined by their number. Customers must have their own number to buy a computer.

Computers to be sold include about 500 Dell Latitude model E6400 laptops for $90; and about 1,000 Optiplex model 960 desktops for $80. Most of the computers are about five to six years old.

Laptops include the power adaptor. Desktops include the monitor, keyboard and mouse. All hard drives have been wiped clean, and the Windows Vista operating system has been installed. Laptops will be limited to one per adult customer, with number.

*Please note: laptops include their original batteries. Some laptop batteries are old and may need to be replaced. Information regarding suggestions of where to purchase replacement batteries will be provided at the sale.

All equipment will be sold "as-is" without a warranty, and with a limited return policy. Terms of the return policy will be posted on site at the sale. Some restrictions may apply.

Cash, MasterCard or Visa credit and/or debit cards, will be accepted. Personal checks will not be accepted.

For more information please call the District 202 Computer Sale Hotline at 815-577-4407.



Latitude E6400

Screen 14.1" wide display

Processor: 2.4 GHz

Memory: 4GB

OS: Windows Vista

Wireless: Yes

Hard drive: ~80GB

Anti-Virus: Yes (Avast!)

Apache Open Office: Yes


Optiplex 960

Screen 17" standard Flat Screen

Keyboard & Mouse: Yes

Processor: 3.0 GHz

Memory: 4GB

OS: Windows Vista

Wireless: No

Hard drive: ~250GB

Anti-Virus: Yes (Avast!)

Apache Open Office: Yes