Joliet businesses cited for selling booze to minors

10/17/2014, 1:02 p.m.
The Illinois Liquor Control Commission conducted the compliance check at 16 stores and bars that sell liquor.

Five establishments received citations for selling alcohol to minors under 21 years old in Will County.

On October 9, 2014, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, in conjunction with the Secretary of State Police, conducted 16 underage compliance checks in Joliet. Nine of the locations visited had previously failed an underage compliance check within the last five years.

The following establishments failed this compliance check, with two facing a second offense:

  • Stang Kelly, 712 Jefferson St. (2nd Offense)
  • Hammers Sports Bar, 2771 Black Road. (2nd Offense)
  • JM Tobacco And Liquor, 3111 Theodore St.
  • Liquor Express, 1415 Plainfield Road.
  • Consumer Food & Liquor, 1134 Plainfield Road.

The following 11 establishments passed the compliance check by refusing to sell liquor to the ILCC underage participant:

  • Highland Liquors, 1619 E. Cass St. (Prior Offender x 2)
  • A to Z Liquors, 1003 Essington Rd. (Prior Offender)
  • Larsens Corner, 1329 W. Jefferson St. (Prior Offender)
  • 7-Eleven, 1601 E. Cass St. (Prior Offender)
  • Consumer Liquors, 1607 W. Jefferson St. (Prior Offender)
  • Consumer Liquors, 2352 Glenwood (Prior Offender)
  • Cardinal Wine & Spirits, 3001 W. Jefferson St. (Prior Offender)
  • Dog House Pub, 3111 W. Jefferson St.
  • Black Road Food, 2787 Black Rd.
  • Basha Liquors, 83 W. Jefferson St.
  • Just One More, 1527 N. Raynor Ave.

This report is a result of ongoing undercover and cooperative law enforcement operations conducted by agents of the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC), local law enforcement officials and underage participants recruited from area high schools and colleges. The teams randomly visit liquor stores, restaurants and bars in communities around the state to check for ongoing compliance with state laws mandating that no liquor is sold to minors under 21 years old. ILCC agents also work with local and state law enforcement agents to focus on communities with a high incidence of underage liquor sales.

For information about hearings regarding checks, please visit: the Illinois Liquor Control Commission's website.