Letter writers back Joliet Park District referendum

10/31/2014, 9:05 a.m.
Residents urging voters to say "yes" to $19 million bond sale to improve park facilities and build new ones.

Everyone should feel safe in our parks

Why am I voting YES for the Joliet park bond? Because my family, friends and neighbors should not have to worry when they are at our local parks and recreation facilities.

Joliet Park District's bond will make our parks and recreation facilities safer, including reducing vandalism, replacing worn out playground equipment, resurfacing badly deteriorating trails, and much more.

I have worked closely with Joliet Park District staff on numerous occasions in several different capacities. I have the utmost confidence in Dominic Egizio and his staff that they will invest the money generated by this bond wisely, responsibly, and equally throughout the entire district.

Pat Schumacher


For the future of Joliet

Over 90 years ago the people of Joliet had the foresight and saw the need for parks and recreation and formed the Joliet Park District. As you look around Joliet, you can see wonderful parks located in all areas of our city, unfortunately many of our parks have fallen into disrepair.

Under the current system, the park district can only afford to update and repair one to two parks per year. The referendum that is presented provides a unique opportunity to upgrade 22 parks, located throughout the entire city.

I know that this will be a difficult decision for some, but I urge you to vote on behalf of the referendum. Continue the legacy that was started over 90 years ago. I believe that we owe it not only for ourselves and our children but to the future generations that will call Joliet home, please vote yes!

Michael Trafton


Protect our property values by voting YES for the park district

We cannot afford to let our local parks deteriorate any further. We're already seeing its impact on property values. For a very modest investment, the park district will be able to resurface trails, remove and replace diseased trees, replace outdated playground equipment and other critical projects. The positive impact on our current and future property values will far outweigh the modest cost.

Cesar Cardenas


Improved parks 'crucial to our quality of life'

I am writing in to share my view on a very important initiative we as voters and residents are asked to consider on Nov. 4. The Joliet Park District has an opportunity to improve parks on the East and West sides of Joliet.

As a resident of the East Side, I have seen the deterioration of the various parks and then the vast improvements at others. The proposed referendum is calling for vast improvements at 13 East Side parks and facilities and the construction of a NEW indoor field house at Nowell Park.

I am not certain when the last time there was this much improvement at one time for our parks. As we know, the economy has impacted funding sources and revenue streams all over the nation, but in our most vulnerable neighborhoods improvements are not only welcomed they are in dire need.

Improving parks and recreation is crucial to the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Basic services such safe parks to play in are key to confidence in our youth. Families that are proud of their neighborhoods take better care of them and respect them.