Plainfield reviews street changes for downtown, Meadow Lane

Brock A. Stein | 9/9/2014, 9:11 a.m.
Suggestions include more bike racks for downtown, an improved crosswalk for Route 59 and Lockport Street and traffic-slowing measures along ...
Proposed changes for downtown Plainfield include more bike racks and an improved pedestrian crosswalk at Lockport Street and Route 59. www.nps.gov

Plainfield trustees heard plans Monday night for recommended improvements to the village’s street scape.

Under the Complete Street Plan, community planning firm Teska looked at areas in the village where improvements could help drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians.

The recommendations come after public input was sought from residents through the village’s website as well as at public meetings, which included outreach efforts at weekly cruise nights.

The study's findings focused on two main areas in Plainfield: The downtown Lockport Street corridor and along Meadow Lane, where cut-through traffic and speeding has been an issue for residents.

For Lockport Street, the firm recommended completing a section of sidewalk along the north side of Main Street and installing more bike racks near the west end of Lockport as well as at Fox River Street, along Chicago Street near Village Green Park and in the area near Front Street Grill.

The firm’s findings also show a need for enhancements to the pedestrian crossing at Route 59 and Lockport Street, with more distinct pavement markings and widened sidewalks on the west side of the intersection. Plans call for a curb island at the crosswalk near 59 and Main Street, where pedestrians could stand in the middle of the intersection while they wait for traffic.

Plans to slow down traffic on Meadow Lane include adding curb extensions at the intersection with Blakely Drive that would narrow the width of the road way from 41 feet to 24. Another recommendation calls for adding a traffic circle at the intersection of Meadow Lane and West Sandbar Drive. Near the intersection with Freedom Way, the firm proposes installing cement bump outs that would be staggered along the length of the roadway to narrow the street and slow down traffic.

Village Administrator Brian Murphy said the village would next seek public input on the Meadow Lane proposals after which some of the traffic calming devices would be deployed on a temporary basis to test their efficacy.

“There are still a number of different steps left,” Murphy said.

In other business, the village learned it will receive about $3.5 million in federal grant funds for road improvement projects. Through the application process with the Will County Governmental League’s traffic committee, the village will receive $1.5 million to make improvements to Renwick Road between River Road and Route 59 and $2 million for improvements to 127th Street between Heggs Road and Meadow Lane.

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