Dist. 202 launching new teacher Web sites for parents

9/25/2014, 10:24 a.m.
The Edline system will provide a "one stop communications shop" designed to improve communications between teachers and parents and increase ...

District 202, with schools in Plainfield, Joliet, Romeoville and Bolingbrook, provided this news release:

This fall, District 202 parents will be able to see what's happening in their students' classrooms without leaving their home.

On Tuesday, September 30, 2014, District 202 will activate a new system of personalized teacher web sites through the Edline system from Blackboard.

This exciting new tool will be a "one stop communications shop" designed to improve communications between teachers and parents, increase access to and use of technology in the classroom and extend the classroom experience for students.

The classroom web sites follow almost two years of work, including building and implementing 31 district and school web sites on the same Blackboard platform and buying new laptops for every teacher to allow for more mobility.

"This new tool is part of our work to find new ways to connect our parents, teachers and students through technology," said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lane Abrell.

"Our teachers are very excited about this great new opportunity, and we're anxious to see how they use it in their classrooms."

About 1,400 certified staff members - primarily classroom teachers - were trained on the new system in June and have been building their sites since then.

All of the district's approximately 1,850 teachers will be trained by October 31, 2014. Some teachers may opt to create web sites later in relation to other district initiatives.

"Utilizing Blackboard in this pilot year is an exciting opportunity that connects teachers and parents through technology," said Dawn Bullock, president of the Association of Plainfield Teachers.

Parents will receive activation codes on September 30, 2014 to access their students' teachers' web sites. There, teachers can post useful classroom information including:

  • Contact information
  • Class work
  • Student photos
  • Class calendars
  • Homework
  • Learning resources
  • Online communications tools (blogs, surveys, etc.)
  • Links to middle and high school students' grades

Actual content may be different based on grade level and teacher preference. "This is going to be a work in progress for a while, and we hope our parents will be patient as teachers work to make their sites as helpful as possible," Abrell said.

More information is posted on the front page of all District 202 school web sites, and the district web site, under "Blackboard/Edline Web Site Information for Parents".