133 Valley View seniors named Prairie State Scholars

9/29/2014, 9:39 p.m.
Ten of those students excelled in all four sections of the test: math, science, reading and writing.

One hundred-thirty-three Valley View School District 365U high school seniors have been designated Prairie State Scholars for their work on last spring’s Prairie State Achievement Exam which is designed to measure the achievement of 11th grade students in four curricular areas.

In order to be named a Prairie State Scholar, students must score in the “exceeds” level on at least one reading, mathematics, science or writing portion of the PSAE.

Ten students exceeded in all four test areas including Cole Brooker, Emily E. Czajowski and James D. Zahorick from Romeoville High School and Bolingbrook High School’s Amira Bibera Aquino, Johnathon Paul Cook, Brandon Alan Fagust, Mary Catherine Masek, Melissa Michelle Moy, Kelsey Marie Wahlgren, and Rachel Rebecca Wood.

Romeoville High School students who earned the distinction are: Ty J. Adams, mathematics; Sir-Simons N. Addo, science; Akachukwu A. Ajiere, reading, science and writing; Mc Davis O. Ansere, reading and mathematics; Julianna J. Bochnak, mathematics and Science; Nicola G. Carbonara, science; William J. Caron, reading, mathematics and science; Anthony D. Carreto, reading and mathematics; Ashley A. Comeau, reading, mathematics and Science; Jillian N. Crocker, reading; Connor W. Dedi, reading and writing; Emily L. Dryier, reading; Thaija V. Evans, writing;

Also: Hannah T. Ford, mathematics and science; Lukas R. Gacek, reading, mathematics and Science; Alexandra E. Garcia, reading and writing; Ivan A. Guerrero, mathematics and science; Nickolas K. Hecht reading, science and writing; Kristen G. Herrera, science; Ciera B. Higgins, writing; Emilee L. Jones, reading; Brandon E. Kavaliunas, mathematics and science; Julie N. King, reading, mathematics, science and writing; Tyler A. Koeppl, science; Nicole E. Kula, mathematics; Kimberly E. Larsen, reading and writing; Emily A. Lopez, reading and Writing; Kirk T. Maloney, reading; Rebecca M. Merrithew, reading and science; Gloria V. Mileva, mathematics and science; Lindsay N. Murray, reading; Kegan S. Orloff, mathematics and science; Rashawn O. Povilaitis, science; Bernadette S. Rivera, mathematics; Andrew J. Rosendahl, science; Joseph N. Schulz, reading and science; and

Bolingbrook High School students who earned the distinction are: Evan Port Adams, reading, math and science; Justin David Alcox, reading and math; Mc Davis Owusu Ansere, reading and math; Antonio Richard Arriola, science; Ian James Asbury, reading and science; Nicholas Jon Avanzado, reading; Cecelia Alexis Bach, science; Anthony Balat, reading and science; Esmeralda Guadalupe Barajas, reading and writing; Marco Antonio Becerra, reading, math and science; James Matthew Bennett, math and writing; Hannah Jo Beyler, reading; Cassandra Mae Buckley, writing; Jennifer Calderon, reading; Alexis Marie Carrara, writing; Peter Eugene Carter, science; Miguel Arturo Castillo, math and science; Alexis Paige Chambers, math and science; Donovan Louis Combs, science;

Also: Abby Marie Cooper, math; Ruben Glenn Cordoba, reading; Prithvi Das, math and writing; Rose Christine Dawidowicz, reading and math; Tayler Marie Detten, math; Zoe Michelle Dodson, reading; Amy Kathleen Fetters, math and science; Paul Flores Flores, math and science; Andrew Michael Ford, reading and science; Londell Alphonso Fowlkes, math and writing; Stephanie Gomez, reading; Cassidy Anelisa Gould, reading; Connor Morey Hale, reading and writing; Matthew Paul Hansen, science; Scott Michael Herrmann, reading and science; Jennifer Marie Hufnagle, reading, science and writing; Jennifer Mary Jacobson, reading; Matthew Joseph Jaskowiak, reading, math, science and writing; Abigail Ruth Johnson, reading and science; Jena Marie Johnson, reading; Kendra Isabelle Johnson, math and writing; Natalya Kabirova, math and writing;