Letter: Proposed budget cuts for seniors, women 'outrageous,' Manley says

8/18/2015, 3:04 p.m.
Withholding vital services such as medical screenings, child care and meals for the elderly is no way to balance the ...
Meal delivery programs for senior citizens are among the programs that could be cut under the governor's proposed budget, state Rep. Natalie Manley says.


Natalie Manley

Dear Editor;

It is simply unbelievable to me that the governor and some of my General Assembly colleagues think the only way to fix Illinois’ financial problems is to withhold vital services from our seniors, those struggling with disabilities and working parents.

I’ve made a commitment to work toward rational and fair reforms, but the devastating cuts that the governor and the politicians he controls insist on pushing are neither rational nor fair.

I supported this legislation because many people in my district, people who elected me to be their voice in Springfield, are depending on the services that this legislation funds. When it came to the House, we amended it, at the governor’s request, to include other additional funding, along with taking into account the necessity of breast and cervical cancer screenings, child care assistance and meals for the elderly.

It’s outrageous that members on the other side of the aisle referred to these vital programs as "poison pills" and "extra nonsense." My own mother has battled breast cancer and, if it weren’t for the screenings that detected her cancer, she may not be alive today.

I am appalled that anyone would label access to medical screenings for women as "extra nonsense."

This legislation offered us the opportunity to come together and provide support to our citizens. It is my hope that the governor will put aside his non-budgetary agenda items that are really only intended to fracture the core values of the residents of Illinois, and work with us to come up with a budget that protects those who need our help the most.

Natalie Manley

State Representative