On The Fence

Bobby Leach "The Rooster" | 8/19/2015, 9:54 a.m.
Summer break will be a distant memory for students after the coming weekend and with that, so begins the new ...
Bobby Leach

Summer break will be a distant memory for students after the coming weekend and with that, so begins the new 2015 fall sport season. Next week we will announce our pre-season area football poll and while there is sure to be a few expected rankings, I can tell you with confidence there will be a few surprises as well.

Looking ahead at the coming season, our area Catholic schools will hold their own against some of the best teams in the state year in and year out. Providence Catholic had a championship year last season and while I think it is possible for them to repeat this year, the odds are stacked against them. First the Celtics graduated a boat load of talent and will have to start over proving themselves in one of the toughest conferences in the state week in and week out. Second, the Celtics will have a target on their backs every game. After winning the state title last season, Providence can expect the very best effort of each team they face largely due to the fact that beating Providence is a statement game for competitors regardless if those teams aren’t facing the same team as last season.

I like Joliet West again this year and also believe they have a real shot of making the playoffs for a second season in a row. Winning is a great motivator and the Tigers had a taste last season of playoff football. I am betting that had a big impact with their off season training which will again be shown in short order on the football field. I also like Romeoville this year and their chances to make a big splash with new coach Oliver Gibson who is himself a former Spartan football player that played for the University of Notre Dame and enjoyed a long career in the NFL. Gibson and his team could turn the SPC conference upside down in the near future and by no means is a team that should be dismissed.

Whoever you root for, we will be there covering their games and predicting the outcomes of future games all season long. Make sure you pick up the newspaper every Thursday morning at a store near you or visit our website to see our rankings each week.