On The Fence

Bobby Leach "The Rooster" | 2/24/2015, 9:29 p.m.
This is a difficult time of year for many area high school winter athletes as seasons and in some cases ...
Bobby Leach

This is a difficult time of year for many area high school winter athletes as seasons and in some cases careers come to an end usually with a final loss to mull over. While disappointment is natural and likely expected given the finality of it all, I think most will find that no matter how the season ended it was worthwhile.

Like many parents, I have experienced my children's last performances on an athletic field and looking back on that experience I cannot tell you the score of the game, who they played or for that matter if they had a great game statistically but I can tell you I was there. What I remember was the sense of pride I felt for each of them and their teammates that they had the courage and discipline to compete in an organized sport. I think what I now miss the most is the socializing with other parents who like me were taking part in their kids lives.

Perhaps the sadness is magnified not so much because of a final loss of a game or even a season but when that final buzzer sounds for the last time in their careers there is a piece of their childhood gone forever. Just thinking about those moments writing this article I feel a sense of accomplishment rather than loss years and months later. I no longer view those moments in time as a loss of any kind but rather a victory as athletes simply graduate to bigger and better things like college, military service or simply entering the job market and doing the best they can as most of us do on a daily basis.

While it's true that the athletes experience a wide range of emotion, I am here to tell you the parents experience is very similar. No more chatting about the latest gossip standing in line waiting for a popcorn and soda, keeping up with other parents news shared the moment you have a seat in the stands and most of all just getting out of the house at night with somewhere to go other than the mall!

Congratulations to all those players who have hung up their uniforms and look forward to what lies ahead for each of them. The lessons learned will have meaning in your lives forever and the memories created for your loved ones while playing are priceless gems in your family tree.