Joliet ordinance cracks down on proliferation of signs, banners

6/21/2015, 5:50 p.m.
Among the changes included in the new rules is the need to acquire a permit to place temporary signs outside ...
Anyone who wants to place a feather flag similar to these outside their business will need to get permission from the city of Joliet and will be limited to 30 days twice a year, under a newly approved ordinance.

The city of Joliet provided this news release:

An ordinance amendment designed to curtail the influx of temporary signs, feather signs, and banners in commercial areas is now in effect in the city of Joliet.

Signs temporarily placed by street corners and driveways at commercial business entrances create a traffic visibility hazard. The proliferation of temporary commercial signs also creates an unsightly appearance in the city.

The new temporary sign regulations can be found on the Joliet web site at www.cityofjoliet.info.

Certain signs, such as civic flags, small directional on premise signs and not-for-profit signs, are exempt from the new ordinance fee structure, although a permit may be required. Please allow two weeks for the processing of sign permit applications.

A summary of changes contained in the new regulations include implementation of a $50 fee per sign; a limit on the maximum number of signs per business to three for a maximum of 30 days, two times per year. Also, there is required spacing of 40 feet between any freestanding temporary sign, feather sign or banner.

The Joliet Inspections Staff will be enforcing the provisions of the temporary sign regulations. Signs in violation are subject to immediate removal if located in city parkways or in traffic visibility areas. Non-conforming signs are not allowed to continue under provisions of the new sign regulations.

The temporary sign, feather sign, and banner provisions will help promote an attractive appearance of our commercial areas. The cooperation of business owners is appreciated. If you have questions, or wish to obtain a permit application for a temporary sign, feather sign, or banner, please visit our web site or contact the Planning Division at 815-724-4050.