You Know Things Are Bad for Donald Trump When...

Lee Daniels | 8/10/2016, 3:44 p.m.
Since Donald Trump effectively won the Republican Party nomination by winning the New York primary in May, keeping up with ...

Since Donald Trump effectively won the Republican Party nomination by winning the New York primary in May, keeping up with every outrageous statement and small lie and Big Lie he utters has become even more difficult.

Instead of becoming "more presidential," as he and his aides promised then, he's

become more demagogic - so much so that some politicians and pundits have begun

to question what's really going on in that mind of his.

You know things are bad when President Obama bluntly says Trump is "unfit" for the presidency - an unprecedented attack by a sitting president against the nominee

of the opposite party - and no leading Republican has challenged that description.

You know things are bad when conservative and liberal pundits alike suggest "options" by that the GOP could take the unprecedented step of abandoning Trump - even while acknowledging that won't happen.

You know the Republicans are desperate when you have the diehard conservative pundit, Jennifer Rubin, of Washington Post, writing "There is something farcical about Republicans who flacked and vouched for Trump now complaining that he is 'off message' and fretting that he needs a 'reset.' They are, it seems, still in denial that they are responsible for lifting an unfit, unstable man to the nomination of a once-great party."

In fact, there really is no question about who has "lifted" Trump to this position:

It's his overwhelmingly White mob of supporters. Nor is there any doubt about why

they've been drawn to him. They reflect what motivates Trump himself -a toxic mix

of racism, sexism and a ferocious need to cruelly dominate others. The examples

of this from Trump himself and from his supporters began piling up from the moment he announced his candidacy in June 2015.

The latest documentation comes in a video published August 3 by the New York Times of the language that pervades Trump rallies - language that is, one can say, the soundtrack of the Trump campaign. What you see and hear in the video isn't the

behavior of a political constituency. Instead, it's behavior so reminiscent of the

mobs of Whites that once gathered in places like Little Rock, Ar. and Montgomery

and Selma, Ala. and dozens of communities across the South to try their best to

murder the activists of the Civil Rights Movement. Watch the video and you see

people who've shed whatever decency they possessed and are ready to do anything


This is one of Trump's greatest sins. He and his followers have revived the lynch-mob dynamic in American life.

So, to anyone who's even slightly followed the Trump campaign this last year, it's

no surprise that Trump has now drawn another gambit from the demagogue's playbook: the stab-in-the-back charge.

Last week, Trump claimed that the Clinton campaign and the political establishment have "rigged" the campaign debates and the election itself against him. He said

they've conspired to deliberately schedule the debates opposite National Football