What’s the Fuss?

Wayne Horne | 1/6/2016, 10:01 p.m.
When Bob O’Dekirk became Mayor last year he released a document titled “City of Joliet 2015 Mayoral Transition Report.” The ...
Wayne Horne

When Bob O’Dekirk became Mayor last year he released a document titled “City of Joliet 2015 Mayoral Transition Report.” The 36 page report outlined some recommendations that were short term and several long term goals. Among the short term goals were the hiring of an economic development director and the outsourcing of legal work to attorneys that specialize in matters to be litigated. The objective was to increase revenues resulting from economic development and reduce expenses for litigation.

The position of inspector general is also a part of the transition report. The City of Joliet employs over 900 people. The position will provide an opportunity to study the efficiency and effectiveness of city departments according to the report.

The Community Relations Committee recommendations included the need to review the Rialto Theater subsidy and the contract with the Joliet Slammers use of Silver Cross Field. The Rialto subsidy was renewed for 2016 but the report suggests the City work with the Rialto management to develop a five year plan to make it 100 percent self-sufficient.

These are just a few of the recommendations that are contained in the report. The document is available through the Mayor’s office at City Hall and also on the City’s website. A good suggestion would be to review it if you want to avoid future surprises. Hopefully many of the recommendations in the report will be implemented over time. They are in the City’s best interest.

One last thing... the focus on gun violence has prompted an increased demand for solutions aimed at curtailing the easy access to weapons without hindering rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment. According to most polls, more than 80 percent of those in the U.S. favor the requirement of a background check prior to the purchase of any firearm under all circumstances. To that end President Obama has issued an executive order that will force those who want to purchase firearms to do just that. The uproar was predictable.

Just what does this onerous requirement entail? The first thing it does is verify your name and address or addresses, your date of birth, and any aliases you may have. From there it details any information received from a variety of resources that include a nationwide criminal search, a USA Patriot Act search, motor vehicle records, county criminal court records, Federal criminal courts, and a nationwide sex offender search. Other criteria can be included depending on the type of background check requested.

The vast majority of people would have a clean slate if a background check were conducted on their self. However, if one’s name turns up under any of the aforementioned searches it could possibly prevent that individual’s purchase of a weapon at that moment. Could the weapon be purchased or obtained in some other fashion? Probably, but why make it easy.

Many professionals as well as ordinary jobholders require at least a criminal background check. Why do I know this? I’m a Notary Public and many clients I have contracted with in the past require background checks. Really, why all the fuss? Stay tuned… Comments, questions or concerns email whorne@thetimesweekly.com