Joliet multimodal transportation station moving forward

Brock A. Stein | 1/20/2016, 9:54 a.m.
A multimodal station for train and bus commuters in Joliet will move ahead after a state funding snafu halted bid ...
An artist’s rendering of what the Joliet Gateway Transportation Center – which includes a new train station and platforms – will look like when completed.

Work will move forward again on Joliet’s multi-modal train and bus station following tentative approval from IDOT to approve bids for a new platform and structure.

Work ceased on the station in October when state funding from a $30 million state grant looked to have dried up.

On Tuesday, however, Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk said that it looked like the project was back on and bids could get approved within the next 30 days.

Deputy City Manager/Economic Development Director Steve Jones said that the “Platform should be in usable shape by late fall early or winter of 2017,” though he stressed that work wouldn’t be completed.

The station itself could be complete by April or May of 2017 said Jones.

Following that, officials will look at the Pace Bus component of the project which is expected to have a $3.4 million gap in the state funding grant that will be used to pay for the project.

Jones said that a recently passed transportation bill at the federal level may have room for bus and bus facility projects that the city could tap to complete the third prong of the project.

The state refused to award bids for the project over the summer of 2015 when it was learned that state funding wouldn’t be available.

Jones said that he believed that the bids that were received over the summer could still be approved by the state for the project.