New Plainfield Library, Yes or No

3/2/2016, 9:46 p.m.

1) Has the Plainfield School District ever been contacted to avoid a duplication of services? Would it not be possible for one taxing body to work along with another taxing body to provide a common library service, instructors, meeting areas, share equipment and parking during the entire year.

2) What are the actual recorded numbers of citizens (adults & children) using

the current facility, busiest months, days and time during the day?

3) Why was this particular very confined location chosen where future expansion is limited?

4) When was the decision made to build new rather than add to and


5) What are the results of the traffic study (current & projected), parking spaces available for employees, visitors, maintenance staff, groups (seniors) arriving by bus and ease of entry for emergency vehicles?

6) Will area contractors be considered to bid on this project?

7) Upon completion how many additional good full time jobs will this project create for the people of Plainfield?

8) The size of this building may require larger special fire fighting equipment

to reach the higher areas of this building?

9) Which leads to new facilities to house larger fire fighting equipment and additional training for our fire fighters?

It is understood some library users have experienced a slight over crowding, intense back ground noise and the lack of use of a free computer. It is true some popular activities for children may require you to deliver your child early.

However, it seems a small price to pay for the hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year people have saved by using this antiquated library.

Shouldn't 'We the People' be better informed before we are asked vote YES or NO.

Richard Olson Plainfield, IL. U.S.A.