Letter: Support new library in Plainfield

3/14/2016, 10:37 a.m.
Letter writer Pam Jackson supports the Plainfield Library referendum and encourages as 'yes' vote on Tuesday.
Citizens for a 21st Century Library

To the Editor—

As a Media Specialist-Teacher in Plainfield School District 202, I support the expansion of the Plainfield Public Library, and encourage voters to get out and support it, too. When people talk about something being “for the children”, I can tell you what that really means in terms of the library.

I’ve seen first-hand in my work, how our school children put to use, not just the early literacy skills they gain at Plainfield Public Library, but the early TECHNOLOGY skills they learn there, too. Children are such clean slates for learning and development, and they not only love to learn (and do so rapidly), but they love to USE and SHARE what they learn. To build on it.

Our kids take the things they get from the library and apply them to their school work, as well as, to their time spent with family and friends. They teach one another, and they even take these new computer skills and the information they’ve soaked up about every topic imaginable, and share it with the grown-ups. They “teach” mom and dad and even grandpa and grandma. They meet and make many new friends through library programs, too. The way their parents did, when they were little.

The Plainfield Library District helps our students to learn and practice reading and comprehension skills, research skills, technology skills, and even social skills. All in a safe, positive, and caring environment that their parents can trust.

My family is casting four strong “yes” votes for the expansion of the Plainfield Public Library on Tuesday, March 15th, and we ask all voters to do the same.


Pam Jackson

Plainfield, IL