2017 Kia Sportage

Frank Washington | 3/22/2016, 9:47 p.m.
The new Kia Sportage was a little bit longer and the wheels were pushed to the corners. The tiger nose ...

Soft touch material was used on the dash and the doors. Not only was it tactilely pleasant it also helped with sound deadening. It was a pretty quiet drive.

There are three trim levels of the Sportage and buyers can choose from two different engines. The 2.4-liter four-cylinder makes 181 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque. The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder made 240 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Both engines are mated to six-speed automatic transmissions and all trim lines come in front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive.

The 2.4-liter engine with FWD gets 23 mpg in the city, 30 mpg on the highway and 26 mpg combined. We had the 2.0 liter AWD Sportage with paddle shifters on the way to lunch. It was rated at 20 mpg in the city, 23 mpg on the highway and 21 mpg combined. We also had the FWD version on the way back. It was rated at 21 mpg in the city, 26 mpg on the highway and 23 mpg combined.

Each had a computer readout that showed the AWD Sportage got 21.1 mpg during our test drive while the FWD Sportage got 22.1 mpg halfway through the drive back. It didn’t seem that the Sportage’s mileage was all that good given that it was a four-cylinder engine, even though we drove aggressively and the price of any turbo is added fuel consumption.

Kia said the Sportage’s equipment added weight that kept the mileage numbers lower. Our other quibble was that there was a blind spot behind the C pillar.

Four cylinder vehicles are no longer putt-putt cars. The 2017 Kia Sportage can be equipped with a forward collision warning system, autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection, which can detect a potential collision with another vehicle or a pedestrian and lane departure warning, which emits an audible alert when it detects the driver straying from the current lane without using a turn signal.

There was more: blind spot detection with lane change assist, which can monitor cars up to 230 feet behind the Sportage and provide the driver with a visual warning in the door mirror when another car enters the blind spot, rear cross traffic alert, which can warn the driver if other cars passing behind the Sportage while in reverse, front and rear parking assist, which uses sonar sensors integrated in the bumpers to warn the driver when nearing other vehicles or objects while parking, Bi-HID headlights with dynamic bending light and high beam assist technology.

This stuff is not made of air. It makes the driving experience safer and more pleasant. But the software and the hardware add to the weight of any vehicle and that affects mileage.

Oh, we almost forgot that with the AWD 2.0-liter engine is rated at 237 horsepower. Torque remained the same. This all-wheel-drive system is 100-percent rear-wheel-drive on dry pavement but it can send all of the torque to front wheels if needed. It also has a 50-50 locking differential.

The Sportage can tow 2,000 lbs. with trailer brakes. That drops to 1,650 lbs. without trailer brakes. The panoramic roof was bigger and the side-view mirrors were mounted lower on the doors for clearer sight lines.

From front to back, there was improvement, after improvement, after improvement in the 2017 Kia Sportage. The LX and the EX FWD models start at $22,990 and $25,500 respectively. The LX and EX AWD models start at $24,490 and $27,000 respectively. And the top of the line SX Turbo FWD and AWD start at $32,500 and $34,000 respectively. None of the base prices include freight charges.