Shorewood Lions Club W.B. Orenic Intermediate and Troy Middle School Students of the month

3/29/2016, 8:42 p.m.
Shorewood Lions Club / Troy 30C W.B. Orenic Intermediate and Troy Middle School Students of The Month for the month ...
Shorewood Lions Club / Troy Wm.B. Orenic Intermediate School Sixth Grade Students and Troy Middle School Seventh and Eighth Grade Students of The Month for the Month of February, 2016 are from left to right Seated Front Row, 6th Graders Victor Peterson, Colton Sullivan, Noemi Rios, 6th Accelerated Alexander Brown, 7th Graders Daisy Cortez, Donovan Durham, Back Row Standing 7th Graders Aidan Moreno, Melanie Pustelak,7th Accelerated Katelynn Munoz, 8th Graders Antonio Ibarra, Jocelyn Ochoa, Creighton Karner, 8th Accelerated Alyssa Conde and James McDonald Shorewood Lions Club (not pictured 8th Grader Samantha Fair. )

Shorewood Lions Club / Troy 30C W.B. Orenic Intermediate and Troy Middle School Students of The Month for the month of February, 2016 were selected on the basis of consistent effort, productive citizenship, positive attitude, participation in class and advisory team.

The students were honored and received their awards during the Troy 30C School Board Meeting on March 16, 2016.

The following students were selected:

W.B. Orenic Intermediate School:

Sixth Graders Victor Peterson son of Warren & Kristina Peterson, Colton Sullivan son of Francis & Andrea Sullivan, Noemi Rios daughter of Noel & Aracely Rios,

6th Grade Accelerated Alexander Brown son of Jeffrey & Sharonda Brown, Troy Middle School Seventh Graders Daisy Cortez daughter of Arceli Omelas & Roberto Cortez, Donovan Durham son of Diantha Shelton, Aidan Moreno son of Adrian & Monica Moreno, Melanie Pustelak daughter of Lynn & Daniel Bevins,

7th Grade Accelerated Katelynn Munoz daughter of Elizabeth Cuevas & Daniel Munoz,

Eighth Graders Samantha Fair daughter of Eric & Vicki Fair, Antonio Ibarra son of Jesus & Lisa Ibarra, Jocelyn Ochoa daughter of Ruben & Sonia Ochoa, Creighton Karner son of Mark & Jane Karner, Eighth Grade Accelerated Alyssa Conde daughter of Abraham & Annnna Conde. .In addition to certificates from both sponsors, the students received awards from the following merchants Sony’s Delite Restaurant, Babes Hot Dogs Restaurant, McDonalds Restaurant, Pizza forU, Chili’s Restaurant, and Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant.

In addition to Student of The Month Program, the Shorewood Lions Club helps any person in need in Troy Township who has a sight or hearing problem to get glasses, hearing aids and other related equipment including seeing eye dogs.

They will also help any sight or hearing impaired children sign up for Camp Lions in the summer, Contact Jim McDonald at (815) 725-0473 for help or e-mail at Dimac13@comcast.net.