Will County Sheriffs question juvenile for social media clown hoax

10/5/2016, 10 a.m.
A killer clown hoax that spread over social media on Monday has been traced back to a 14-year old Lincolnway ...

(The following is a statement released by the Will County Sheriff’s Office)

On Monday October 3, at approximately 8 p.m. someone posted a thread on the Instagram social media website with a picture of Lincolnway Central High School with the statement “looks like a good school to kidnap and kill. Be prepared for us. #lwc #lincolnwaycentral #clowns #aintclowninaround #thisfriday.”

The Will County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the post the same night, began its investigation and notified Lincolnway School District officials and their school resource officer.

On Tuesday morning, detectives with the Will County Sheriff’s Office identified the user of the Instagram account who turned out to be a 14 year old male juvenile and a student at Lincolnway Central High School.

The juvenile offender along with his mother were brought to the Will County Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division and was cooperative.

The offender made statements that he had heard rumors about clowns being spotted on local trails and decided to make the post as a joke not realizing that anyone would take it seriously.

The offender did state that he did not intend to cause harm or a panic.

There are no indications that this person has been the subject of any prior discipline with the school.

The offender was released into the custody of his mother pending further review by the Will County States Attorney's Office and will also face discipline from the school district.

The Will County Sheriff’s Office along with the school district takes these types of incidents very serious.

People need to understand the consequences of their actions especially when it involves threats made to a school. Unfortunately in today’s day and age, things like this cannot be taken lightly.