4/10/2017, 4 p.m.

A beautiful uplifting song we sing on Sunday in our church is “We Believe” – that there is and should be only one foundation. Today, there is a broken and fractured generation. We have an abundant of hope that this can be repaired. WE BELIEVE.

As a late senior, with many more seniors, there is strength of spirit, core values, and allegiance to our country and flag. During all of the wars many brave men and women died. Some did come home with “physical” and “mental” scars. But, THEY BELIEVED.

Our first heroes in Romeoville, were Leo Miller and Kyle Wright, and many more. They sacrificed their lives, but THEY BELIEVED.

In our Village of Romeoville, we have “true grit” seniors made of iron. There is Mary and Jim and many more, that come out and help anytime there is a need. They are a true legacy of “love and spirit”. They are a tribute to “true grit” people everywhere. THEY BELIEVE.

We lost recently another pioneer in Romeoville, Marilyn Leary. She had been a beloved school driver for District 365-U for many years. She had strength of character with “true grit”. SHE BELIEVED.

Obstacles can be indifference in various ways. But, compassion, kindness, and hope should “stand up and go forth”.

Our “true grit” iron people, right here in Romeoville, now and long ago, have left a legacy that is needed in today’s world. The path taken today - is goodness and kindness for everyone. Diversity of gender, color, religion, etc. has been uplifted for the good of all. We leave a cornerstone and foundation, that is a life with a long faith. WE ALL BELIEVE.

Shirlee J. Pergler