Joliet approves liquor license changes for Rialto, new music venue

Brock A. Stein | 4/19/2017, 4:01 p.m.
The city approved changes to its liquor license ordinance that will bring two of its biggest venues in to compliance.
The Rialto Theater in Joliet. Photo by Brock A. Stein

The Joliet City Council this week approved changes to its code of ordinances for liquor licensed establishments that will help bring two of its largest venues in to compliance.

Inspector General Chris Regis told the council on Monday that the changes were needed to bring the Rialto and the newly opened Forge music venue in to compliance.

The Rialto Square Theater holds a class B liquor license he said which doesn’t allow for minors on the premises.

“We want to help the Rialto,” he said, “We don’t want them to not be in compliance which is why we’re doing this.”

The change will make it so that the proprietors of both facilities which have capacities of over 500 people to maintain a liquor license while minors are in attendance.

The exemption will require both facilities to expand their responsibilities for monitoring the serving of alcohol he said.

“We want every place to be successful,” said Regis, “We want them to comply with the ordinance.”

Regis said that the exemption would only apply to those two facilities and that other large capacity facilities with liquor licenses were exempt under other conditions including banquet halls and hotels. Other facilities such as Bicentennial Park, Slammers field and the racetrack operate under special licenses specific to their businesses he said.