First Responders - Our local Heroes

2/22/2017, 3:54 p.m.

A person only has to watch the nightly news or read the newspaper to see an increase in crime and disrespect of law enforcement. In my neighborhood between Ingalls and Ruby there have been multiple shootings and two murders related to those shootings.

Just last night a Joliet Police officer came to my door investigating gunshots heard. The officer continued to canvas the area looking for shell casings, bullet holes and any other evidence.

I think many individuals take for granted the work our men and women in uniform perform. You cannot put a price on the lives of these first responders and law enforcement officers. They deserve not only a fair wage but also understanding and respect, considering the dangerous position they are put in daily.

I would say our first responders are priceless. They are the heroes that come to the rescue.

Rachel Ventura

Joliet, IL