Letter to the Editor: Don’t forget the Taxpayers

1/24/2017, 2 p.m.

On January 18, 2017 a group of concern citizens and I attended and peacefully protested at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Lockport Township Hall. The fifty or so attendees, beside our group of thirteen, consisted mostly of politicians, staff and family members. Our group was there to represent the taxpayers of our Township and to be a voice for them.

At the 2015 Annual Town meeting the 190 residents voted almost 4 to 1 not to build a new Township building and made it very clear that they wanted a limited Township Government. Several months later the present Township Board voted to buy a 25,000 sq. foot building in defiance of our wishes and then proceeded to pour money into this building. Voters found out about the purchase after the fact.

Our Township residents consist mostly of working class families, seniors and small business owners. Buying and renovating a massive and ill-suited building at the edge of our township does not serve our residents well. A modest building located in the center of Lockport Township would have been more useful to all of our residents. The lack of transparency throughout this whole project is an example of why the Illinois Policy Institute gave our township government a failing grade of 31%.

Our major disappointment was the lack of interaction between the attending politicians and members of our group. Instead of asking us about our concerns and opinions they avoided us like the plague. Shame on all of you politicians who snubbed us and forgot that you were elected to represent all of us.

Many government agencies and politicians were given credit for the opening of the new Township center by the Supervisor but he forgot to mention the most important group in his speech, the taxpayers.

Pete DeLaney of Crest Hill, IL