Groundwater quality for the future

5/17/2017, 2 p.m.

Dear Editor

The members of the Will County Environmental Network voted unanimously at their May meeting to urge all municipalities to join the effort currently getting underway to study the impacts of groundwater quality and availability in the coming years.

The county, along with municipalities, will work with the Illinois State Water Survey on this important initiative.

The survey’s report, “Changing Groundwater Levels in the Sandstone Aquifers of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin: Impacts on Available Water Supply,” raises important issues that are vital to address in the coming years.

The members of the Network urge municipal leaders to learn of and join the effort to create this comprehensive approach to study needed actions in the coming years.

The Will County Environmental Network salutes the early work to organize this effort and hopes municipalities will recognize the important need to participate.

The study can be accessed at: http://www.isws.illinois.edu/pubdoc/CR/ISWSCR2015-02.pdf


Mary Baskerville

for the Will County Environmental Network.