Parking payment options expanding in Joliet

Brock A. Stein | 11/8/2017, 1:32 p.m.
You won't have to dig through the couch for change in order to pay for parking in downtown Joliet.
Simple changes, such as making meter reader routes "unpredictable" and allowing drivers to pay with "smart cards," could increase Joliet's parking income, a consultant said.

Visitors to downtown Joliet will soon be able to pay for parking even if they forgot to bring change to feed the meters.

This week, the city council approved a plan to expand pay kiosks that will accept credit card payments as well as cash and coins.

The city plans to purchase 19 new pay terminals at a cost of $178,980 to expand the new parking service in Zone A which includes the areas bounded by Cass St. to the north, Washington St. to the south, Scott St. on the east and Joliet St. on the West.

The city conducted a 90-day pilot program with Total Parking Solutions in June to test the Cale multi-space pay stations. The pilot area included Van Buren Street between Chicago and Scott Streets according to a city memo.

The pay kiosks have been in use at commuter parking lots on New and Washington Streets as well Eastern and York Avenues and Union Station and the old Barrett’s parking lot as well.