Plainfield plows ahead with snow contracts for winter

Madhu Mayer | 11/8/2017, 1:49 p.m.
Though measurable or any snow has yet to fall on the ground, the Village of Plainfield is already preparing for ...

Though measurable or any snow has yet to fall on the ground, the Village of Plainfield is already preparing for the upcoming months when messy and icy road conditions will become part of the everyday norm.

The Plainfield Village Board Monday authorized the purchase of up to 5,000 tons of road salt at the state bid price of $46.56 per ton from Compass Minerals America Inc. Allen Persons, public works director, said the purchase totals $232,800.

For many years, he said the village has participated in the state's road salt purchase program. This year's bid, according to Persons, is only 2.1 percent higher than last year's price. He reminded trustees that since the bid process is completed, the village will contract directly with Compass and the state will no longer be involved during the salt ordering, delivery and billing process.

Mayor Michael Collins on Monday said it cost Plainfield $100 per ton for salt when the village was not included in the state's bidding program last year. Right now, Plainfield has about 1,200 tons of unused salt in storage. In a typical winter season, Plainfield uses about 4,000 tons of salt to deice roadway.

Besides putting salt on icy roadways, the village also plans to combat bad weather by contracting with eight companies to remove snow. They companies the board approved Monday for snow removal services are Antrex Inc.; Acres Group; John Green Excavating; Winninger Excavating; Shreve Services; Fazio Landscaping; Local Lawn Care and Landscaping; and J&S Construction.

Rather than hire one contractor who many not be available immediately following a snowfall, Persons said it is more cost productive to hire a company that will be paid for services provided based on agreed hourly rates. These hourly rates, he said, are the same as last winter season. The best part, he adds, is the village will only pay for actual work completed. For example, the contract with Acres Group stipulates that snow plowing and salting will cost the village $143 per hour.

Most of the hourly roadway snow removal equipment rates range from the highest of $180 to the lowest of $45.