Hotel for Plainfield?

Madhu Mayer | 10/18/2017, 1:12 p.m.
The Village of Plainfield is looking to get into the hotel business.

The Village of Plainfield is looking to get into the hotel business.

Wanting to follow in the success of nearby communities like Bolingbrook and Romeoville, the Plainfield Village Board Monday authorized a hotel market feasibility study at a cost not to exceed $9,500.

Jake Melrose, economic development manager for the Village of Plainfield, told the board that staff has approached multiple hotel development groups in the last year and a half to garner interest in the community for doing business. However, Melrose said, every development group staff met with inquired if Plainfield had completed a hotel feasibility study, which it has not.

As part of its own inquiry, Melrose said village staff asked local corporations like Diageo and Logoplaste whether their contacts require hotel stay when conducting business in Plainfield.

"Not only did staff find each business/industry generates multiple stays per week/monthly, bust most all stays that were generated were being sent to a hotel 20 to 25 minutes away," he said.

While the village is on the cusp of justifying hotel development, Melrose said there are some areas where the community falls short. He explained hotel groups typically look for a population of 50,000 or higher, but Plainfield is just shy of 45,000 residents. Though the village does have a higher than average median household income, the negative is Plainfield has limited banquet facilities in the community, Melrose added.

Recognizing Plainfield lacks the required population, trustee Bill Lamb still liked the idea of the study as he said the document will help village officials prepare for a time when the community can support hotel businesses.

To attract potential clients, Melrose said the feasibility study will identify potential hotel sites and ranking of those locations; supply and demand of the regional market; economic development trends of the local market; competitive hotel analysis; estimation of occupancy; and revenue and expense factors.