Wayne's Words: Who’s really paying attention?

Wayne Horne | 12/14/2018, 11:08 a.m.
The workings of government are a common focus of most media outlets. This column, while not exclusive to any particular ...

The Plainfield Township Administrator had been storing some jet skis and a boat in the Township’s garage. For free by the way. According to some reports it had been stored in the garage for several years. Apparently, the elected township officials were unaware of the arrangement. When they discovered it, they “quickly acted” and told the administrator to remove the equipment from the public building. The Administrator, Andi French, complied and also resigned. The Township also employs the administrator’s two daughters and her husband, according to published reports.

What I found interesting about this tale is that the elected officials were unaware of the storage arrangement. That includes a township highway commissioner who uses the garage to store township vehicles and equipment. The road commissioner is paid approximately $67,000 to maintain the 50 miles of road the township is responsible for. Apparently, he never noticed the boat or jet skis. The annual budget for the 50 miles of road exceeds $1.6 million, you do the math.

There’s more to this tale, but my space is limited so I’ll write about it some other time. I’ll be paying attention to Plainfield Township. My home is located within the township’s boundaries.

One last thing… a recent report telling about contamination of groundwater by coal-fired electric energy companies was disputed by Midwest Generation, one of the companies named in the report. They say its old news and they are in compliance with required standards minimizing toxic waste. They say that the contamination mentioned in the report is for groundwater, not drinking water. The distinction is lost on me. At some point, isn’t it possible the groundwater touches the drinking water? Do we really want to take that chance?

Stay tuned…

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