Letter: Does anyone care?

2/21/2018, 11:41 a.m.
In a letter to the editor, Mark Turk asks what it will take to stop the senseless killing in schools.

The senseless killing continues throughout our country with seemingly less and less public appreciation for life. I fully appreciate the first and second amendment arguments, but what about the sanctity of life?

The dead and the living have rights, too! We have the right to live and not fear of being shot or gravely injured without violation of the constitution.

For a decade or more after each shooting we say we must solve the problem and no one does anything. Congress sits there and does nothing due to politics and pressure groups. Even after members of congress themselves were injured by gunfire and/or violence, nothing happened. Talking heads, but no resolve.

Do we want to violate the rights of gun owners? No! But we who want to live also have rights- the right to live in safety.

Gun advocates should agree that for protection and/or hunting, assault rifles and extended magazines are not needed and should only be in the hands of military and police/security. More effective databases are needed to control access to those with mental health issues and felons, while effectively enforcing gun laws on the books.

Yet, year after year, we wring our hands, shake our heads, even pray for guidance and wisdom, and nothing gets done to resolve the problem.

If our congressmen and women do nothing, then they need to be replaced by those who will.

Is anyone listening? Maybe we don’t care enough until it involves us!

Mark Turk