2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Frank Washington | 1/10/2018, 9:14 a.m.
New offerings from Mitsubishi have been rare.
2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Frank Washington

For the money, we think the Outlander Sport was well equipped. The test vehicle had push button lock and unlock as well as push button start and stop. There were voice controls, Bluetooth, satellite radio and a rearview camera. And it had power folding side view mirrors that were heated.

We climbed into the rear seat of our Outlander Sport first. We found plenty of head and leg room. Three adults sitting in the back seat would be close but it could be done. But I would not want to be cramped up for a long ride.

The front seats were spacious, comfortable and the driver’s side was power. Our test vehicle had a black interior with light gray stitching around the seats. It was a simple layout with the infotainment screen and its black piano template just beneath the climate control vents.

Three dials for the climate controls were beneath the hazard light button and airbag alert. You could set the temperature, turn the fan dial which was in the middle on automatic and the third dial was for air flow direction. They said it was automatic climate control and it was but we’ve never seen it done like that; more or less manually.

The gear shifter was on the center console and the all-wheel-drive system could be locked. The center console storage compartment had a USB plug as well as a 12V plug.

There was a color TFT screen between the odometer and speedometer. It had fuel and temperature gauges, an average fuel consumption bar gauge and a miles to empty reading. After a week of driving we still had half a tank of fuel and 131 miles to go until empty.

The Mitsubishi Outlander may not be a popular buy but for $26,590 as tested it certainly is in the realm of a smart buy.

Frank S. Washington is editor of AboutThatCar.com.