Residents voice opposition against new business

Madhu Mayer-news@thetimesweekly.com | 6/22/2018, 6 a.m.
Despite the pleas of residents who say they have everything to lose, the Plainfield Plan Commission Tuesday approved special use ...

Despite the pleas of residents who say they have everything to lose, the Plainfield Plan Commission Tuesday approved special use permit application to operate a truck freight terminal at 22419, 22531 and 22537 W. Renwick Road.

Recommendations of the plan commission are advisory in nature as the Plainfield Village Board has the authority to either concur or deny their decision. The plan commission is an appointed board.

Per the plan commission approval, applicant GP Transportation Co. is annexing the properties at 22531 and 22537 W. Renwick into the Village of Plainfield on behalf of the current land owner, Collins Enterprises Partners, and converting the land into a

truck freight terminal operation. Right now, those two properties are in unincorporated Will County. The property at 22419 was already annexed into the Village of Plainfield in 2012 and was rezoned for office, research and a light industrial district.

The parcel at 22531 W. Renwick is 48,249 square foot in size, while the property at 22537 W. Renwick is 26,571 square feet. Currently, tenants are leasing the property at 22537 W. Renwick and the applicant has agreed to let them stay up to three years to allow plenty of time to relocate.

But resident Jeff Sniegowski, who lives next door to the freight operation at 22525 W. Renwick Road, was amongst those who spoke out against the development proposal at Tuesday's meeting. His concern is there will be increased traffic, smell of diesel fumes and noise coming from the business he says will disrupt the area.

Since he lives so close to the properties in question, Sniegowski said, "We have the most to lose if this is approved. I don't believe this is a done deal and what we say tonight does matter.

“I am not against anyone making a buck, unless it is at my expense," he continued, adding he fears the proposed business will "decimate his property values.”

“Our home is our greatest asset and investment," said Sniegowski. "Who in there right mind would want to live in front of that truck terminal?”

Likewise, Susan Moritz of 22513 W. Renwick Road is worried about the safety of herself and motorists who travel on the roadway.

“Renwick Road is exceptionally dangerous," said Moritz, who has lived in her home for nearly 30 years. "Encouraging slow truck traffic (going in and out of the business) would be a lethal combination.”

But Alexander Domanskis, attorney for GP Transportation, said the proposed use is dissimilar to many truck freight terminals as the exchange or transfer of goods will not be the primal function of this business. The primary function of the terminal is equipment storage and logistics. The proposed trailers will be 53-foot dry van trailers and not containers with no stacking.

The proposed plans illustrate the demolition of the existing structures on site except for a garage fronting Renwick Road. This will be used to house 11 trailers. Also proposed is the construction of two new structures, which are a 20,000-square-foot office building and a 13,860-square-foot truck/freight

maintenance building. Two separate truck/trailer parking lots with 320 stalls will be constructed, according to plans presented at the meeting. The office building parking lot will provide for 110 spaces.

Plan commissioner Brandon Womack said based on what he heard Tuesday, he cannot grant his support for the special use permit application.

“I am not comfortable with the intensity of use," he said. "I don't know if this is the best fit for the area.” This issue will go before the Village Board sometime over the summer for a final vote.