Rialto Theatre celebrates 92nd birthday with giving campaign

5/2/2018, 1:20 p.m.
Rialto Square Theatre, the “Jewel of Joliet,” is turning 92 years old on May 24.
The Rialto Theater in Joliet. Photo by Brock A. Stein


Rialto Square Theatre, the “Jewel of Joliet,” is turning 92 years old on May 24. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we invite the members of the community to participate in our 92 Years Young campaign. With this campaign, we hope to raise funds to help further the mission of the Rialto Square Theatre in our community, and make much-needed repairs to the facility. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit www.rialtosquare.com/92yearsyoung

The Rialto Square Theatre first opened its doors on May 24, 1926, in a time where

movie palaces were designed to create a fantasy environment to attract moviegoers.

Although the Theatre has had to evolve to attract new audiences, the fantasy

environment has been a gift for all to enjoy.

Now, 92 years later, it is our shared experiences at the Theatre that have kept it

moving forward. We can all feel proud that our community had the will and foresight to renovate the Rialto Square Theatre in the 1980’s so that it could be used as a performing arts center showcasing concerts, plays, dance competitions and more. We should be equally proud that our community has continued to support the Theatre’s mission and programming ever since.

While we celebrate the Rialto Square Theatre’s rich history and heritage, we are

more intently focused on the future. With the community’s help we can continue to

support our historic landmark. As our management team keeps the Rialto Square

Theatre active with concerts, special events, and films, it is only with the help of

private contributions that the Theatre is able to fund restoration projects and

guarantee excellence in programming.

We invite you to celebrate the Rialto Square Theatre’s place in our community by

making a donation, in any amount, during the month of May in celebration of its 92nd Birthday on May 24, 2018. As we work together we can protect one of America’s

best-preserved examples of grand movie palace architecture so that our children and our children’s children can enjoy this fantasy environment for years to come.

To make your donation, or to learn more about the 92 Years Young campaign, please

visit www.rialtosquare.com/92yearshttp://www.rialtosquare.com/92years or contact Marilyn McSteen, Development Manager,

mmcsteen@rialtosquare.commmcsteen@rialtosquare.com or 815.726.7171 x216.

For more information about the theatre and any upcoming performances, visit www.rialtosquare.com