Knowledge is Power

10/22/2018, 9:05 p.m.

Power is also comfort. With the loss of my husband, I needed to find peace and comfort. I did find my comfort at our Romeoville White Oak Library. I had been privileged to work part-time, eight years, in the children’s department. Their honest love of books, and continual questions were very uplifting, and reminded me of the importance of books and reading.

LIBRARIES – White Oak Crest Hill, Lockport, and Romeoville continue to foster knowledge everyday.

As a former tutor at my church, parents always requested that I help with the comprehension of their reading. Reading words that they could totally understand, is important. Libraries are a wealth of knowledge, the cancer my son had was made easier for me by a librarian who helped me finding a medical book on cancer. Life can be made better when important knowledge is found at the library. Any category of book, medical etc. can bed found.

As a late senior, I am very impressed with so many “happy” and “learning” programs they continue to have. Their employees go beyond any words I can say, to help find any book you have requested. In November, our White Oak Library needs our support. They need some longer hours, and more technology equipment. The cost is small. Libraries matter. Our children are the future. They need everything that is available.

The senior outreach to the communities is outstanding. A senior does not need to be lonely. The library will come to you.

As one of my former students said to me “knowledge is power,” and power comes from our libraries.

To the world you may be one library person, but to one person, you are the library.

Shirlee J. Pergler, Romeoville, IL