Slammers get stadium upgrades 2019 season

4/15/2019, 9:36 p.m.
Joliet - The Joliet Slammers are excited to announce several stadium upgrades that will augment the fan experience in 2019 ...

Joliet - The Joliet Slammers are excited to announce several stadium upgrades that will augment the fan experience in 2019 and beyond. We thank the City of Joliet for their strong support in making these projects happen.

On the concourse level, fans will enjoy updated restroom facilities. In the women’s restrooms, the countertops have been removed and replaced with brand new sinks (the men’s sinks and countertops are scheduled for the same in 2020). In both the men’s and women’s restrooms, a fresh coat of paint has been added and the floors have been updated. Also new in 2019 is a playground set from Rainbow Play Systems of Illinois. Kids will be able to enjoy slides, tunnels, rock walls, a ship’s wheel, tic-tac-toe, and more with the new playground set. There will also be an Adult Fun Zone located near the 3rd base bar that will include numerous yard games!

The Suites have undergone several improvements during the offseason as well. A carpet treatment has the carpets looking brand new. The suites have also received a fresh coat of paint and the furniture has been updated. Suites can be rented out on an annual or game by game basis by companies or individuals for a private, climate-controlled atmosphere when attending Slammers games.

Following the path of Major League Baseball, the protective netting has been extended to the end of each dugout. Fan safety is a number one priority and the team wants all fans to feel safe when enjoying a game at Joliet Route 66 Stadium. The main passenger elevator has also received a complete overhaul. Although fans might recognize the car, everything else on the main elevator has been replaced and updated.

Team Majority owner Nick Semaca said “Along with these upgrades, in conjunction with the expanded promotional calendar already announced, the 2018 Frontier League Champion Joliet Slammers are very excited about the 2019 season and I know our fans will be too. Advance ticket sales are already ahead of plan so I advise fans to get their tickets now before the best dates sell out.”

Opening Night is May 9 and will feature a celebration of the team’s 2018 Championship, including the presentation of Championship Rings to the team. Group tickets, ticket plans, and individual game tickets are on sale now. For more information, visit jolietslammers.com or call the Box Office at (815) 722-2287.