PureFest 2019 opens registrations for teams and individuals

Second annual faith-based improv and sketch festival opens registration for 2019 event

1/2/2019, 6:41 p.m.
Lockport, Registration for teams and individuals is now open for PureFest 2019, taking place at Cross Point Church, Lockport, Ill., ...

Lockport, Registration for teams and individuals is now open for PureFest 2019, taking place at Cross Point Church, Lockport, Ill., on September 27-28, 2019. The second annual PureFest is expanding to two days and is giving opportunities for individuals without a faith-based improv or sketch team to participate in the festival. Interested teams and individuals can visit PureFest.org or email info@PureFest.org for registration information.

With teams traveling from all over the Midwest to be a part of PureFest 2018, organizers look forward to seeing the reach and representation on stage expand. Teams from Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Colorado took part in the inaugural festival in October. For 2019, organizers hope to see the reach of PureFest grow to more states and more talent.

“With such a limited budget and a lot of questions, ‘Will this work?’ or ‘Is this even something people would be interested in?’ we saw that PureFest 2018 was a wonderful day of fun, fellowship, and laughter,” said Dave Ebert, creator of PureFest. “I was so blown away to see teams from all over the Midwest come to be a part. At first, I honestly thought the submission from Denver was a prank. But, they came and they were amazing.”

Ebert added that there is a team from Atlanta that is interested in 2019, as well as several colleges in Illinois that have improv teams. Registration is starting early to allow those schools time to plan on making it in the fall.

“One of the things we missed was getting the word to colleges sooner. With the event deadlines so close to school starting in the fall, teams didn’t have time to fundraise and prepare to come to PureFest. By opening registration and getting the word out sooner, we hope some of these amazing college programs can make it in 2019.”

PureFest is a two-day event for teams and individuals that are of Christian faith and believe in letting that faith guide their improv or sketch performances. PureFest is looking for teams and individuals that perform clean, family-friendly shows to submit to perform at PureFest.

Day one is Friday, September 27, and is an evening of provided dinner, fellowship, worship, and an improv jam for all participants. This evening will be for performers and volunteers only. This will be an evening to build community among faith-based performers.

Day two is Saturday, September 28, and will be a day of performances. All teams accepted to perform in PureFest will be scheduled in 25 minute blocks. A schedule will be published so that audience members can choose which teams they would like to see if they are unable to stay for the entire event. The event is scheduled to take place from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

New this year is the opportunity for individuals to sign up and join one of two WildCard teams. There is a WildCard Short Form and a WildCard Long Form team. Individuals that do not have their own teams will be part of these impromptu improvisation teams. WildCard teams will be given time to meet during Friday’s fellowship night, as well as time to practice Saturday before performing together.

For more information or to purchase tickets in advance, visit PureFest.org, or email info@PureFest.org.