Village allows new residential development to proceed

Madhu Mayer | 7/16/2019, 7:51 p.m.
Satisfied with changes made by the developer, the Plainfield Village Board by a vote of 4 to 3 will allow ...

Satisfied with changes made by the developer, the Plainfield Village Board by a vote of 4 to 3 will allow a new residential development to be constructed south of Lockport Street and east of Drauden Road.

The proposed Will Tree Farm residential project consists of 115 single-family homes on 65 acres, with 33 acres slated for parks, trails, landscaping and stormwater management.

Mayor Michael Collins broke the tie by giving his support to the project as trustees Kevin Calkins, Cally Larson and Brian Wojowski voted against the development. Approving it were trustees Harry Benton, Margie Bonuchi and Larry Newton. Jonathan Proulx, director of planning, on Monday said the project was modified from the original concept plan to incorporate previous recommendations from the village board to reduce the lot count; increase lot size and width; and eliminate requested relief for front, corner side and interior side setbacks.

To provide more upscale aesthetics, developers have agreed to incorporate details such as having all elevations in masonry elements on the front of homes and having windows on all garage doors. The total school fees for the project is estimated in excess of $1.2 million, said Proulx.

Based on public comments at prior hearings, Proulx said staff would take into account the concerns of nearby Whispering Creek subdivision residents regarding additional traffic that will begenerated on Sunshine Court once the subdivision is constructed. He said the proposed cul-de-sac connection to Route 126 to minimize new traffic through Whispering Creek subdivision would not be feasible. Proulx said that thought is also shared by staff from the Illinois Department of Transportation.

While she said the developer has come a long way since the project was originally presented, Larson said she would have liked to see the number of units decrease from115 to 110.