JTHS Board of Ed recognizes Joliet West Science Olympiad Team

3/26/2019, 2:23 p.m.
On March 19, 2019, the Joliet Township High School Board of Education recognized the Joliet West High School Science Olympiad ...

On March 19, 2019, the Joliet Township High School Board of Education recognized the Joliet West High School Science Olympiad for a successful season. The Joliet West Science Olympiad Team is coached by Michelle Bloom, Joy Otry, and Erin Wagner.

The Board of Education recognized Joliet West High School Science Olympiad team members Skylar Alexander (Thermodynamics - 3rd place), Layne Barry (Dynamic Planet - 4th Place, and Water Quality - 5th Place), Jack Bartelt (Astronomy and Physiology - 2nd place, Experimental Design - 3rd place, and Anatomy Physiology - 6th place), Brandon Bernicky (Anatomy - 3rd place), Paola Castro (Protein Modeling - 2nd place, Anatomy and Physiology - 3rd place, Protein Modeling 4th Place), Bryan Duong (Designer Genes - 3rd place, Protein Modeling - 6th place, and Herpetology - 5th place), Robbie Fry (Fossils - 3rd place, Codebusters - 2nd place), Daniela Guzman (Dynamic Planet - 4th place, Water Quality -3rd place), Sara Huerta (Protein Modeling - 4th place, Circuit Lab - 4th place, Circuit Lab - 3rd place), Summit Kumar (Protein Modeling - 6th place, Protein Modeling - 2nd Place), Blake Lewandowski (Astronomy - 3rd place), Paola Lozada (Anatomy & Physiology - 3rd place), Lucy Magat (Forensics - 4th place, Codebusters - 2nd place), Dulce’Celeste Martinez (Circuit lab - 4th place, Dynamic planet - 4th place), Amelia Mastin (Water Quality - 3rd place) Jessica Meza (Write It Do It - 2nd place), Jennifer Meza (Chemistry Lab - 4th place, Chemistry Lab - 5th place, and Water Quality - 5th place), Brook Miller (Experimental Design - 3rd place), Ryan Mueller (Sounds of Music - 4th place), Audrey Noe (Herpetology 1st and 3rd place), Ellie Papandria (Anatomy - 2nd and 5th place, Codbusters - 2nd and 3rd place, Experimental Design - 3rd place), Matthew Papesh (Boomilever - 3rd place , Boomilever - 2nd place, Mousetrap Vehicle - 4th place), Uma Patel (Anatomy and Physiology - 3rd place), Keegan Peretti (Forensics - 4th place, Fossils - 3rd place, Chem Lab - 3rd & 4th place), Marissa Perez (Dynamic Planet - 3rd place, Write It Do It - 2nd place, and Codebusters - 3rd place), Brandon Perruquet (Astronomy - 3rd place), Juan Reynoso (Boomilever - 2nd and 3rd place, Codebusters - 3rd place), Ethan Robinson (Herpetology - 1st and 3rd place, Mousetrap - 3rd and 4th place), Victor Sotelo (Designer Genes - 5th place, Protein Modelling - 2nd place, Protein Modelling - 4th place), Krystal Steg (Experimental Design - 3rd place, Protein Modeling - 2nd & 6th place, Herpetology - 5th place, Thermodynamics - 5th place), Brandon Tinoco (Mission Possible - 2nd and 3rd place, Codebuster - 3rd place), Cristian Villasenor (Mousetrap Vehicle - 3rd place), and Tanner Viramontes (JV Geologic Mapping - 4th place)

JTHS congratulates these talented students on their success.