Camelot Illinois seeks proposals for media agency planning and buying services

3/27/2019, 8:45 p.m.
Proposals from agencies owned by minorities, women and persons with disabilities are encouraged Camelot Illinois has issued a request for ...

Proposals from agencies owned by minorities, women and persons with disabilities are encouraged.

Camelot Illinois has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for agencies to deliver media planning and buying services.

Camelot Illinois is a leading technology and services provider that supports the Illinois Lottery. As part of its overall business strategy, Camelot Illinois plans to promote the multiple ways both new and existing players can access and interact with lottery products, leading to increased sales online and at retail locations. Camelot’s goal is to create an innovative, modern lottery that will attract new players and sustainably grow financial returns to the State of Illinois.

“Camelot Illinois is committed to growing the Illinois Lottery in a socially responsible way through compelling marketing and advertising campaigns designed to build brand awareness and trust,” said Camelot Illinois General Manager Colin Hadden. “We are looking to partner with a dynamic and innovative media agency who can help us achieve these important goals.”

Camelot Illinois seeks to engage one or more agencies to provide media planning and buying services to both general and multicultural audiences, across all channels. The successful agency or agencies will serve as a strategic partner to both Camelot Illinois and the Illinois Lottery.

This RFP is open to all media agencies; however, Camelot Illinois is encouraging Business Enterprise Program (BEP) agencies owned by minorities, women and persons with disabilities to submit proposals. Non-BEP vendors who respond should assess how they can use BEP vendors to support a portion of this work.

To learn more about and to register for the BEP program, please visit the Illinois Department of Central Management Services website

Camelot Illinois intends to secure an agency or agencies that can begin work starting in July 2019. Camelot Illinois anticipates that the contract will be established for a term of three years, subject to performance and Camelot Illinois’ evolving requirements and strategy.

Agencies who wish to respond must submit their intent to submit a proposal by April 9, 2019. Part 1 written responses are due by April 12, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. CDT to the attention of procurement-services@camelotillinois.com. Finalists will be invited to present additional material and participate in an in-person interview.

For more information and to download the RFP, please click the following link. https://camelotillinois.com/business-opportunities/