Letter: Erosion of privilege

3/9/2020, 9:58 p.m.

As a member of a marginalized black minority with more than 400 years of experience, I believe erosion of white privilege elected Donald Trump. Outsourcing of high-paying jobs put a crimp on white wealth causing subsequent dissatisfaction with government. The combination of wealth depression and increasing minority demographics created immigrant-anxiety and certain religious group phobias like Islamophobia affecting local Republicans.

Trump came out from behind the curtains like the great Wizard of Oz. He stole a slogan from President Reagan and gave those who felt a loss of status red ball caps to ease their pain. He convinced them that he possessed powers to bring back bygone days. Trump also gave them scapegoats to coax them into his hot air balloon and hate took off in a fever.

Here is the truth. U.S. manufacturing jobs peaked at 19.5 million in 1979. By 2009, that number had decreased to 11.5 million. There were 12.4 million when Trump took office and 12.8 million today.

Partisan politics and Trump’s duplicity has the U.S. hurdling towards authoritarian rule. Emboldened by Republican Senator’s fear to check executive branch power, our president is trashing the Constitution; punishing government employees disloyal to him; tampering with criminal prosecutions; thrashing free press; releasing wealthy criminals; claiming that he is the nation’s chief judicial power and doing more than JESUS. The unrepublican truth is that Trump is enriching himself, his business, his family, and wealthy corporations – in that order. Those feeling forgotten who forgot that God loves all of his children, got sized-up and red-capped.

Milton Beach