Wine of the Week: Tenuta L'Impostino Viadante Montecucco Sangiovese DOCG Riserva 2013-$26

A fine wine from Tuscany without the sticker shock

Dwight Casimere | 11/6/2020, 6 a.m.
Montecucco Sangiovese offers value compared to wines from its more famous neighbors

Montecucco Sangiovese is a DOCG that is a red wine of Italy’s highest classification. Promoted as a separate category, it offers a Tuscan Sangiovese at a considerably more affordable price than those from its famous cousins in neighboring regions. A shining example is Tenuta L’Impostino Sangiovese “Riserva 2013 at a modest $26.

Comprised of 100% Sangiovese, the king of Italian grape varietals, this is a wine that welcomes fall with its hearty meat sauce pastas, casseroles, such as Lasagna, or roasted beef, lamb or game meats, such as venison, rabbit, duck or pheasant with white truffles or Porcini mushrooms. Strong cheeses are welcome companions as are a groaning plate of Italian sausages and salumi. Grilled meats, for that final fling of the barbeque season, are a perfect way to while away a rare sunny afternoon outdoors as you watch the leaves turn. Let your imagination run wild! Visit tenutaimpostino.it for more information.