Wine of the Week: Vina Esmeralda Sparkling Brut 2018-$21

A ray of sparkling Mediterranean sun in a bottle

Dwight Casimere | 2/5/2021, 9:11 a.m.
Treat yourself to some flavorful sunshine after a hard day of working remotely on Zoom

Spanish wines have always been an intriguing and often, inexpensive option. Besides their origins, steeped in history, there are endless flavor profiles, dictated by that country’s wildly varying soil types and microclimates. Even like grapes grown and harvested just meters from each other can have dissimilar flavor profiles.

Catalunya is a Spanish Denomination of Origin Protegida (DOP) in the provinces of Barcelona, Tarragon, Lleida and Gerona, some of which border the Mediterranean. The DOP allows the mixing of grapes from all over, so the resulting wines can be quite interesting and surprisingly delightful.

Enter Vina Esmeralda Sparkling Brut($21) from the legendary Familia Torres. Born on the Mediterranean cost, and inspired by fragrant, delicate floral aromas and bright, citrus flavors, this is a sparkling wine that seduces and satisfies.

Fresh and bubbly on the palate, it bursts with the fresh fruit flavors that are characteristic of the Muscat grape. Just a hint of sweetness shines through the intense fruit and bright acidity. Fine bubbles allow you to feel a part of the celebration, even if it’s just a chance to sit, relax and kick your shoes off.

The Spanish are famous for their Tapas Bars, where odd bits of pungent cheeses, sardines, smoked oysters, olives and savory sausages are just a few of the delicacies you’ll enjoy before a multi-course dinner, showcasing the versatility of this jazzy sparkler.

As the winter cold and snow encroaches, there can be nothing more pleasurable than opening a bottle of Mediterranean sun ensconced in every bottle of Vina Esmeralda Sparkling Brut. Always relaxing, elegant and inviting, it’s a nice reward after working remotely on Zoom and on the computer all day. Visit empsonusa.com for more information.