Familia Torres Vina Sol White-$11

Recovering an historic wine with stunning results for nearly 60 years

Dwight Casimere | 2/17/2021, 6 a.m.
Familia Torres respects the past with a passion for the future

Dec. 17 Wine of the Week-Familia Torres Vina Sol Blanco-$11

Recovering an historic wine variety with stunning results for nearly 60 years

By Dwight Casimere

Spain has one of the oldest and most storied histories of winemaking in all of Europe. Known for its family-owned wineries that pass on their passion for wine culture from generation to generation, its historic estates also work to recover ancestral grape varieties.

Since 2008, Familia Torres has taken active steps to combat the climate emergency by implementing measures that reflect a deep respect for the Earth and tradition.

Familia Torres founded its winery at Vilafranca del Penedes in 1870. Its roots in wine growing traditions date back to the 16th century. The family's expressed mission is “One single objective: From the soil to the table, we create exceptional wines, with the aim of encouraging memorable experiences.”

Among the many indigenous grapes recovered by the winery is Parellada, the white wine grape variety that originates in the hills of Catalonia, Spain.

Known for being one of the main grape varieties used in producing the Spanish sparkling wine, known as Cava, it has its own distinction. Parellada is a rarity for the fact that it is grown only at the highest elevations of Penedes. For that alone, it is considered among the highest caliber of Spanish grape varieties.

Torres Vina Sol, created by Miguel Torres is one of the most enduring wine brands of Spain and Catalunya. Torres Vina Sol has been produced in every vintage since 1962.

Known for its bright golden color and intense flavors of green apple and citrus, Parellada is a considered a Spanish treasure. As conceived by Familia Torres, it has a depth of color and flavor that makes it a favorite on everyone’s list as a ‘go to’ wine for everyday drinking, and a ‘must have’ at the dinner table.

Dinner in Spain is normally eaten quite late in the evening, and is often preceded by several hours of drinking and noshing on everything from smoked shellfish, a variety of olives, various salamis and cured hams, salty and sometimes pungent cheeses and various bite-sized appetizers known as Tapas.

Torres Vina Sol Paradella is a wine that makes brilliant conversation with all of its gustatory guests and continues the inspired banter at the dinner table. With winter’s cold and the pandemic making dining at home an unavoidable routine, why not bring the sunny hillsides of Spain to your dinner table with Familia Torres Vina Sol White. For more, visit torres.es.