Chicago, Black Ensemble Theater 2021 Gala

Jackie Taylor, Founder, Executive Director & CEO, Black Ensemble Theater | 10/12/2021, 8:19 p.m.

Black Ensemble Theater is hoping that the community will support their 37th annual Gala, themed, The Legacy Continues: Together We Are the Change (A Musical Celebration of Hope and Faith). Because of the challenging times, we are all experiencing, we dedicate this year's Gala to the hope and faith that together we can and will build a better tomorrow.

For 46 years through our vital mission to eradicate racism and its devastating effects on society, Black Ensemble Theater has been working towards a better tomorrow. All of their programming including our Four Play Season of Excellence, The Black Playwrights Initiative (BPI) Strengthening the Schools Through Theater Arts, Plays With A Purpose, and Summer Jobs for Youth is designed and created to dismantle the foundation of racism while equipping our audiences and program participants with the skills and resources they need to heal and free themselves from the sickness of racism.

From our anti-racism workshops, panel discussions, and special events to our community outreach - our work has made a difference and your support of our annual Gala allows us to continue making a difference. All proceeds from the Gala will go toward supporting Black Ensemble Theater programming. This year Black Ensemble Theater has received outstanding gifts from the MacKenzie Scott grant to the Chicago Cultural Treasures Award.

These one-time donations have been a blessing and we are greatly appreciative, but as Scott said in her press release announcement 'Would these organizations still benefit from more (more advocates, more money, more volunteers)? Yes.' That YES was music to my ears. For the sustainability of impactful programming, systems, structures, and staff, fundraising must be ongoing. It can never stop. Our virtual Gala, The Legacy Continues – Together We Are The Change will begin October 15th at 6:30 p.m.

It will be a wonderful evening of song and inspiration – that will make you proud to be a supporter. The evening will be broadcast on our website, Youtube, Facebook, and VON TV. It will run through October 31. Register for your complimentary tickets by contacting Tynnetta Qaiyim at tqaiyim@blackensemble.org or 773-754-3914. We hope you will choose to join us on the evening of October 15 to watch a spectacular production.

And we hope you will choose to donate to the Gala, demonstrating your support of an equitable and just society that has no room for racism. Please join us in our quest to make a better world. The Honorary National Chair of the BET's 37th Annual Gala is Chester Gregory. -