“Black Ink: Literary Legends on the Peril, Power, and Pleasure of Reading and Writing,” edited by Stephanie Stokes Oliver

For two hundred years of this country’s history, it was illegal for a person with black skin to read.

Book review: "So You Want to Talk about Race” by Ijeoma Oluo

A review of the book "So You Want to Talk about Race” by Ijeoma Oluo.

Book review: Dear Martin: A Novel by Nic Stone

Check out the latest book review from the Times Weekly.

“Bound to the Fire: How Virginia’s Enslaved Cooks Helped Invent American Cuisine” by Kelley Fanto Deetz

Book review of “Bound to the Fire: How Virginia’s Enslaved Cooks Helped Invent American Cuisine” by Kelley Fanto Deetz.

“Same Family, Different Colors” by Lori L. Tharps

Lori Tharps’ youngest daughter is very light-skinned. That fact begins her story because it was recently pointed out by another child in an innocent game.

“Rise of the Jumbies” by Tracey Baptiste

What lives beneath the waves? Fish, of course. Seahorses, clams, lobsters and whales, turtles and mermaids, too. You’d be surprised at what lives under the sea, but in the new book “Rise of the Jumbies” by Tracey Baptiste, there are ...

“Cuz: The Life and Times of Michael A.”

It was a youthful indiscretion. A mistake made due to immaturity or naïveté. Something you did to look bigger, older, or bolder. You knew better but it shouldn’t cost you everything, should it? As in the new book “Cuz” by ...

“Truth Doesn’t Have a Side” by Dr. Bennet Omalu (with Mark Tabb)

Everyone you meet has an effect on your life. Somehow, in some way, others change you: a stranger’s smile lifts your mood. Kindness makes you happy. An injustice spurs you to action, making you someone else’s change. Clearly, as in ...

There’s a Dragon in My Closet” by Dorothea Taylor, illustrated by Charly Palmer

You didn’t do it. Whatever it was, it wasn’t your fault. You didn’t do it – you weren’t even around when it happened. You don’t know who to blame. Maybe it was your dog, your mom, or maybe, as in ...

“Sin of a Woman”

Nothing’s set in stone. Few things are. Lucky for you, there’s usually a chance to change your mind or have a do-over. You can often get another go at something because few things are that firmly decided. As in the ...

Jabari Jumps

You can do it. Yes, you can. You just need to take a deep breath and then blow it out. Find the courage inside yourself. Think of something else and do it. Don’t be scared. As you’ll see in “Jabari ...

“I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons”

You can pretend all you want. Hide your head in the sand and say it ain’t so. Cover your ears and yell “LaLaLaLaLa” until everyone thinks you’re five years old. You can deny, deny, deny, but listen up: some things ...

“My Daddy Rules the World”

Your Daddy is the King of the House. He’s the smartest person you know. He can run fast, jump high, and his words make things happen, he’s strong, cool, and funny; he’s always making you laugh. And in the new ...

The Weekend Effect

Zzzzzzzzzip. That was the sound of your last weekend as it passed by, but it probably doesn’t matter anyhow: it was packed with work, To-Dos and obligations, kid’s sports, and more work. Sometimes, you wonder why you even bother. You ...