Pets of the week

JENNIPURR (cat) Jennipurr Lopez is quite a friendly and sweet little girl. Her silky fur just shines as does her adorable personality. She’s an extremely nice and calm kitty who really enjoys snuggling and getting lap time. She also likes ...

Pet safety Legislation moves from county to statehouse

Public urged to voice support.

Will County offering pet spay/neuter discounts in February

Will County residents who have their pets spayed or neutered at participating veterinary offices in February can receive a $40 county-sponsored discount.

Bolingbrook Humane Haven Animal Shelter Pets of the Week

GILDA Gilda is a very adorable, sweet and lovable girl, but is somewhat timid and shy. She warms up with quiet encouragement and a gentle touch.

Will County offers residents spay/neuter discount for pets in October

Will County residents who have their pets spayed or neutered at participating veterinary offices in October can receive a $40 county-sponsored discount.

Forest Preserve OKs dog park permit discounts

Veterans and active-duty military will pay less for Forest Preserve District of Will County dog park permits in 2018 thanks to action taken Oct. 12 by the District’s board of commissioners.

Pets of the week

EZRA Ezra is a cute, independent, low-key cat. This quiet boy is adorably entertaining when he scoops water out of his bowl with his paws like a raccoon. In his previous home, he got along great with the family’s yellow ...

Pets of the week

ADDISON Addison is a very nice, sweet kitty. She’s a bit timid at first, but she warms up to people quickly after spending a little time with them. She’s curious and likes to explore her surroundings. She’s very affectionate and ...

Pets of the week

JOLEE Jolee is a very pretty girl who is quite talkative and likes to tell you all about her day and hear about yours. Besides chatting with her human companions, she really likes to play with toy mice, having fun ...

Pets of the week

AMOS Amos is an adorable, sweet and independent little guy. Like most kittens, almost everything fascinates him. He really loves to play and discover new things by exploring his surroundings to see what interesting things are going on around him. ...

Pet Talk: Toxic plants could harm pets

Having plants in your home can make your space more decorative, or even calming. However, certain plants also can be toxic to pets. Dr. Christine Rutter, clinical assistant professor of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, described some of the potentially ...

Pets of the week

SNICKERDOODLE Snickerdoodle is a sweet, adorable little guy who just loves attention and affection! He likes to curl up, relax and snuggle in his human companion’s arms. As soon as he’s put down, he has no problem letting you know ...

Pets of the week

LUCINDA Lucinda is a sweet kitty, but is often misunderstood because she’s very particular. She enjoys human company, but she doesn't enjoy being doted on. She'll sit on laps, but doesn't want lots of pets – she's perfectly satisfied just ...

Pets of the week

NIGEL Nigel is a sweet, friendly, laid-back cat. He is very inquisitive and likes to explore to see what’s going on around him. He loves people and likes playing with toys. He also enjoys being brushed, which is helpful with ...

Pets of the week

MUSTANG SALLY Mustang Sally recently gave birth to a litter of five and even took in a newborn kitten that was all alone in the world. When her kittens were old enough to eat solid food, Sally would stand back ...