Rally against Scott Pruitt appointment to head EPA will be held in Bolingbrook

A rally to oppose President Donald Trump's pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, will be held in Bolingbrook on Tuesday, January 24.

Legendary Journalist, Editor George Curry remembered as Champion of Civil Rights

Renowned civil rights and Black political journalist George E. Curry, the dean of Black press columnists because of his riveting weekly commentary in Black newspapers across the country, is being remembered this week as a legend. Curry died suddenly of ...

Muhammad Ali, boxing legend, dead at 74

A figure that transcended the sport he dominated in three decades, former boxing heavy weight champ Muhammad Ali died Friday in Arizona.

Prince, 57, found dead at home in Minneapolis

Prince, 57, was found dead at his home in Minneapolis on Thursday.

Municipalities prepare for mosquito control as Zika virus continues to spread

The potential spread of the Zika virus has some local municipalities preparing to control the spread of mosquitoes this summer.

Will County Sheriff’s Office holding water drive for Flint, Michigan

Will County Sheriffs are asking for monetary and bottled water donations to help the residents of Flint, Michigan.

RushCard Empowers People to Help Manage Their Money

The financial services industry is a vast matrix of banks, credit and debit cards products, venture capital and mortgage companies, investment firms, and other financial institutions that compete to provide services to 326,346,200 people in the United States and millions ...

Feds release AIDS action plan this week as part of World AIDS Day

This week, in conjunction with World AIDS Day, the White House Office of National AIDS Policy released its Federal Action Plan for 2016-2020, which outlines specific federal agency actions to implement the updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy next year and through ...

Column: Affordable healthcare policyholders question rising deductibles

Is health insurance really affordable? That’s the question thousands of Americans who signed up for policies under the Affordable Care Act are beginning to ask as third year open enrollment gets underway.

Take our poll: Can Trump win the GOP presidential nomination?

A new poll says that 32 percent of people would vote for him today -- what do you think?

Wayne's Words: Take the time to be thankful this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us and the start of another holiday season begins. There will be gatherings and celebrations enjoyed with family and food. Most will block out the tribulations faced in our day to day lives.

RHS student going to U.S. Figure Skating Nationals

Paige Rydberg qualified for the competition by finishing third in the Midwestern sectional this past weekend.

Police blotter: Reckless driving, DUI, robbery, theft, more

Arrests made by the Joliet Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.

Wayne's Words: City employees have it good compared to Obamacare users

The city employs a consultant to help negotiate health benefits for employees -- a service that would be extremely helpful to folks trying to purchase insurance on their own through the federal plan, columnist Wayne Horne says.

How to Win Elections behind the Cotton Curtain

We won the Voting Rights Act of 1965 at Selma, combining the power of a principled mass movement led by Dr. King and a compassionate president who did the right thing despite the heavy political price.