What's next after dismal election turnout?

The predicted lack of excitement regarding the recent Consolidated Election was reflected in the low voter turnout. While the turnout in Will County was approximately 16 percent, a closer look at some precincts shows a much lower rate in Joliet. ...

It’s worse than we ever thought

Among the first evidence presented by prosecutors in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in his killing of George Floyd is that it was not just 8 minutes and 46 seconds as originally thought, but rather, it ...

Lynch mob mentality prevails

Many parallels and connections in police-on-black-men violence

Mask Wearing

Like most everyone else, I’m tired of wearing a mask. Every time I go to the grocery, a restaurant, church, or work I have to put on a mask. Not long ago, if we wore a mask into a bank ...

Biden's promise to diversify the courts

People who care about equal justice under the law should be very happy about President Joe Biden’s first set of judicial nominees. I am especially excited about the three outstanding Black women that President Biden nominated to the circuit courts—the ...

The American Dream belongs to working people

It is time to commit to our workforce. To once again be that nation that cares about the hard-working women and men in this country and is a world leader in workers’ rights and compensation. Moreover, the economic reality is ...

The American Rescue Plan — Changing the course of the pandemic for all Americans

By U.S. Congressman James E. Clyburn (D-SC-6) It has been a little more than a year since COVID-19 was officially discovered within the boundaries of the United States. It has been devastating to communities of color. The statistics are sobering. ...

Why reforming the filibuster matters

As Washington turns its attention to infrastructure and other matters of policy, the Senate filibuster isn’t commanding quite the same headlines as it did a few weeks back. But that’s only because the issue is percolating behind the scenes. At ...

Congress did something good?

As we begin to see a glimpse of cautioned hope, I want to recognize Senators Duckworth and Durbin's support for the 10.8 billion on international COVID supplemental funding passed last month.

George Floyd court hearing is ‘Rashomon effect’ in reverse

Minneapolis Chief nails defense to the wall

Quo Vadis? (“Where are you going?”)

Resurrection Day raised serious questions and choices

Wayne's Words: Honoring Vietnam Veterans Day, Easter and Passover

This past Monday was Vietnam Veterans Day. The day was noted in this column a couple of weeks ago. The day was established by Presidential Proclamation in 2012. The day is for recognition of all living veterans who served on ...

Is George Floyd the one who's really on trial?

Trial of Derek Chauvin reveals today's racial divide

Black America needs a 'New Normal': equitable credit access to build wealth

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed dual crises. Over 542,000 Americans lives were lost and continue to increase. At the same time, the rippling effects of a massive economic downturn has caused the nation to lose 9.5 ...

Where Domestic Policy Seems Headed

There’s not much question where the Biden administration’s domestic priorities lie. Getting the pandemic health crisis under control and moving past its attendant economic crisis were always going to be the first order of business for the new White House. ...