Letter: Weakening Americans with Disabilities act

Letter writer Pam Heavens, of Joliet, writes about the weakening of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the impact those actions will have as a result.

Trump’s parade plan a waste of money

Now “45” wants a parade. He wants it in November, probably before the mid-term elections. Some see it as move to mobilize his base and stroke his own ego; others actually believe that he wants to celebrate and honor members ...

Wayne's Words: Fire Department changes

This week’s Joliet City Council meeting sparked what could be identified as a ‘balance of resource and need’ debate. In the name of efficiency, the city is considering the use of one piece of fire-fighting apparatus that would replace two ...

Celebrate Black History circulating Black dollars in Black communities

Once and for all, let’s get this straight. America has gotten out of the Black people business!

Foster disappointed after State of the Union Address

Congressman Bill Foster says he was disappointed following the President's state of the union address this week.

Opinion: What we’ve lost during Trump’s first year

The year leading up to his inauguration in 2017, as the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump espoused senseless, baseless and ultimately empty assertions about the state of Black Americans and our communities.

Bolingbrook United’s Response to the 2018 State of the Village

The following is Bolingbrook United’s response to Mayor Claar’s January 18, 2018, State of the Village address.

Wayne's Words: “BALANCE” is the answer

Balance is a word sometimes used to explain the “challenges” of issues that are difficult to resolve and not everyone is satisfied with the solution. The most common definitions of “balance” can be found in any dictionary.

I moved and struggled to find the right schools for my children

As a parent, I recognize that I am my children's biggest advocate and I work hard to make sure that they have the best learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

Rauner’s veto creates uncertainty for local schools

In light of the most recent spate of chaos created by Gov. Bruce Rauner, State Senator Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (Shorewood) is calling for a pause on the award of tax credits to scholarship donors.

Letter: Thank you for supporting families in need

Organizers of the Plainfield Need Family Drive thank the community for their generosity.

Wayne's Words: Vets remember Tet and One last thing

This week Wayne talks about the Tet Offensive and parking in downtown Joliet.

Spiritually Speaking: Are you a threat?

History suggests that professing one’s belief in Jesus Christ as Lord can literally be a death sentence.

Opinion: Relocating U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem a bad move

Bill Fletcher thinks that the latest decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jurusalem will cause more problems in a part of the world that's already unstable.

Letter to the editor: Thank you to area hospice volunteers, staff

In a letter, Mark Turk, JACH Board Member, recognizes the efforts of area hospice volunteers and staff.