In Our Own Backyard: 30 Days of Crazy, Coming Right Up

It’s almost November, and that means it’s time for all the aspiring writers, authors and bloggers you know to go a little bit crazy. November is National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo), when writers around the world pledge to finish a ...

Wayne's Words: Healthcare and new name for ballpark

This week Wayne discusses the current debate regarding the Affordable Care Act which has been going on since its inception.

Letter: Nepotism at Joliet city hall

Letter writer Todd Giarrante thinks that nepotism runs rampant in Joliet and that it takes the opportunity for jobs away from non-connected residents.

Wayne's Words: Welcome to the new City Manager

The City Council has hired a new Joliet City Manager. The buzzword in local government today is TRANSPARENCY. Its talked about a lot and always promised by our elected officials. It helps prevent surprises when the process is open.

In Our Own Backyard: This Undeserved Life

Sage Brenner is 21 months old. His brother, Ira, is 16 months old. With only five months between them, they can’t possibly be twins. And since Sage is black and Ira is white, they can’t possibly have the same parents, ...

Letter: Romeoville museum dedicated to preserving local history

Romeoville Historical Museum is close to opening.

Wayne's Words: How about a new direction?

Two years ago, then newly elected Mayor Bob O’Dekirk issued a report titled the 2015 Mayoral Transition Report.

Lawmakers challenge DeVos on student loan enforcement

Civil rights leaders and Capitol Hill lawmakers are standing up and speaking out against a recent Department of Education (DOE) decision to sever its working relationship with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

In our own back yard: In what kind of week has it been?

The American Psychological Association found that Americans’ stress levels are at the highest in 10 years; 57% attributed their anxiety to: the presidential election; acts of terrorism; police violence toward minorities; and personal safety.

In Our Own Backyard: The Poop Problem

In Our Own Backyard is a weekly column covering environmental justice, climate change and food justice, and how these issues impact our families every day. If you think food deserts, contaminated soil and toxic water pipes don’t really affect you ...

Wayne's Words: The City of Champions

The subject of sports, particularly youth sports, is deeply imbedded in the City of Joliet and its environs. The slogan “City of Champions” is part of the city’s moniker. Joliet has developed many successful athletes throughout its history. High school ...

In Our Own Backyard: The Coffee Connection

If the tidal wave of hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes hasn’t changed your perspective about climate change, here’s something closer to home: a new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says it has measured the impact ...

Wayne's Words: City Budget

One of the easiest complaints to make about government is that it spends too much money. “My taxes are too high” is the refrain heard from almost everyone. Belt tightening at all levels is what’s needed according to most people. ...

In Our Own Backyard: A Tidal Wave of Disasters

Only days after the brutal destruction wreaked on Texas by Hurricane Harvey, another catastrophic storm is striking the Caribbean, apparently bound for the Florida coast. Hurricane Irma, now bearing down on the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and Florida, has intensified to ...

Corinthian College is closed, but former students still suffer

A scheme designed to evade an important Department of Education rule could soon lead to an estimated 41,000 former Corinthian College students and loan borrowers receiving more than $183 million in student loan relief. Aequitas Capital Management, a former financial ...