ERA: What are they afraid of?

A few weeks ago the Illinois State Senate voted to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Now it is up to the Illinois House of Representatives. It has passed out of committee and we are now waiting for the seventy-one votes ...

Protecting our community during National Foster Care Month

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, our community was under a full-fledged attack. Crack was in our streets, it was in our schools, it was in our parks, it was in our playgrounds, and for some, it was in ...

Letter to the editor: Lessons learned from the April 2017 murder of 17-month old Sema'j Crosby motivated recent General Assembly action to protect children.

The Illinois Senate on May 17 passed House Bill 4885, which make children under five in families receiving Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) Intact Family Services automatically eligible for the state's childcare program. HB 4885 also makes these ...

Shorewood’s solution to speeding

The official arrival of summer occurs in about ten days but the temperatures have been warm enough lately to jumpstart the summer season for many.

Wayne's Words: JPD Battle Buddy’s help vets

The Memorial Day holiday is less than four weeks away. The day is traditionally set aside to remember those who gave their life in military service to our country. Most communities will remember the fallen with parades, commemorative services and ...

OPINION: Spiritually Speaking: Paul Hit the Bullseye

I remember reviewing the letters of Paul in Bible study. In doing so, I was constantly reminded that one cannot look at Paul without really seeing Jesus’ amazing handiwork.

We’re all in this together

Our republic is under stress. So much so, in fact, that if you’re not worried about its future, you probably haven’t been paying attention.

Wayne's Words: Joliet Renaissance underway

Many expectations come from all of us with the passing of winter into spring. Warm weather, baseball, and the construction season are but a few of those expectations.

Fair Housing Act: A Milestone on the Journey to Equality

A half-century ago, the Fair Housing Act was enacted to prohibit discrimination in housing based on race, color, creed and national origin. The law also supported NAREB's efforts toincrease Black homeownership which we believe serves to increase wealth and other ...

Wayne's Words: Privatization not the answer for VA

One of the best ways to express patriotism in the U.S.A. is to show how much veterans are appreciated.

Fair Housing’s unfinished 50-year journey

Although golden anniversaries are often considered milestone moments accompanied by festive celebrations, two such observances in April 2018 are bittersweet memories for much of Black America. One took the life of an unparalleled preacher, orator, author, activist and Nobel Peace ...

Black consumers, businesses must lead American energy policy talks

Due to shifting demographics in the U.S., it’s increasingly important for Blacks to take the lead in shaping America’s energy policies.

Wayne's Words: Joliet’s other haunted house

A haunted house will open in part of the former Collins Street prison this fall but some residents are forgetting the other haunted house that the city owns.

OPINION: President Trump’s FY 2019 budget hurts low-Income communities

If you want to know how a president feels about your community, then all you need to do is look at his or her budget, because it reflects their values—both what they value and what they don’t.

Opinion: This is why I hate Black Republicans

I stopped attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), because it reminded me of “The Flintstones” and “The Jetsons”; Blacks were noticeably missing from both cartoons.