Rauner’s veto creates uncertainty for local schools

In light of the most recent spate of chaos created by Gov. Bruce Rauner, State Senator Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (Shorewood) is calling for a pause on the award of tax credits to scholarship donors.

Letter: Thank you for supporting families in need

Organizers of the Plainfield Need Family Drive thank the community for their generosity.

Wayne's Words: Vets remember Tet and One last thing

This week Wayne talks about the Tet Offensive and parking in downtown Joliet.

Spiritually Speaking: Are you a threat?

History suggests that professing one’s belief in Jesus Christ as Lord can literally be a death sentence.

Opinion: Relocating U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem a bad move

Bill Fletcher thinks that the latest decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jurusalem will cause more problems in a part of the world that's already unstable.

Letter to the editor: Thank you to area hospice volunteers, staff

In a letter, Mark Turk, JACH Board Member, recognizes the efforts of area hospice volunteers and staff.

What to look for in 2018

Here's what you can expect as the calendar turns over to 2018.

Wayne's Words: Making sense of 2017

Wayne makes sense of 2017 or as much as it can make sense before the calendar clicks over to 2018.

OP-ED: Republican tax bill robs the poor to feed the rich

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act recently passed on a nearly straight party line Republican vote in the U.S. Senate is, like the House-passed bill, a moral abomination. Their enactment would be the death of America’s dream for tens of ...

In Our Own Backyard: Celebrating Kwanzaa

If your family is celebrating Kwanzaa at Warren-Sharpe Community Center, this is what you’ll hear when you join the festivities. The children will ask you: Habari Gani? What is the news? You respond with one of the seven principles of ...

OP-ED: Don’t delay, sign-up for Affordable Healthcare today

The deadline to enroll or modify healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act is December 15. So, time is running out.

Wayne's Words: Joliet City Budget time

It has been several years since the Joliet City Council has received much hue and cry relating to the Joliet City Budget and this year doesn’t seem any different.

Letter: congressman stands up to sugar cartels

Nicholas A. Pyle, President of the Independent Bakers' Association, praises Congressman Dan Lipinski's strong stand against the sugar cartels.

Letter: Don’t legalize marijuana

Letter writer Dr. Aarin Weiner warns against legalizing marijuana as a means to solve the state's fiscal crisis.

In our own backyard: JJC Project Success celebrates 15 years of student achievement

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