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Health care Violence Prevention Act to take effect in 2019

Romeoville - Beginning this January, legislation spearheaded by state Rep. John Connor, D-Lockport, will require hospitals and other health care facilities to develop a workplace violence prevention program to help address increased violence toward registered nurses. “Workplace violence committed against nurses has been increasing in recent years, and something needed to be done in order to prevent future incidents from occurring,” Connor said. “I am hopeful that the Health Care Violence Prevention Act will bring about better safety guidelines to prevent violence toward nurses and allow for better working environments moving forward.”

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Connor encourages residents to submit ideas for new Legislation in 2019

Romeoville - State Rep. John Connor, D-Lockport, is asking residents of his district to send in ideas for new laws for the upcoming legislative session beginning in Jan. 2019. “As we move toward the start of a new legislative session, I want to make sure that the ideas and concerns of local residents are heard,” Connor said. “The best way for me to represent the residents of my district when creating and voting on legislation is to involve them throughout the process.”

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Connor Bill to help identify human remains now law

Lockport - Legislation passed by state Rep. John Connor, D-Lockport, to ensure that coroners and medical examiners send DNA and other investigative information from unidentified human remains to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) in order to identify remains more quickly and accurately was signed into law by Gov. Bruce Rauner on Friday. “Not every coroner or police department in the state submits DNA samples and reports from unidentified bodies to the NamUs database, even though it is free and federally funded,” Connor said. “Making sure that coroners and law enforcement work together to collect and send DNA evidence to NamUs will help identify missing persons who have passed away more promptly and accurately, providing closure to their families much sooner.”

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Connor urges Governor to veto private water company Bill

State Rep. John Connor, D-Lockport, is urging Governor Bruce Rauner to veto a bill that consumer advocates say would skyrocket water costs for suburban residents and give private water companies the opportunity to monopolize the resource. “As I said during debate on the House floor, the only ones who will benefit from this legislation will be Illinois American Water and Aqua, the two private water corporations in this state,” Connor said. “When these companies buy large, public water systems to expand their customer base, their existing customers, many of whom live in my district, are the ones footing the bill.” House Bill 4508 amends the Illinois Water Viability Act with provisions that would remove the cap on the size of water systems that private companies are allowed to buy in Illinois. Currently, state law states that a private water company may buy public water utilities and distribute the purchase cost amongst its current customers via rate increases. The Citizens Utility Board, a consumer advocate group, fears that removing the cap on the size of water systems that private companies are able to purchase will allow them to monopolize water in suburban areas, further increasing rates on existing customers in order to purchase new water systems and increase profits.

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Self-defense for women

State Rep. John Connor, D-Lockport, will host a self-defense seminar for women with the Illinois State Police on Monday, June 18 at 6 p.m. at the Romeoville Recreation Center, located at 900 W. Romeo Rd. Self-defense skills will be taught by a trained law enforcement officer from the Illinois State Police.

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House passes mental illness, gun ownership bill

Legislation co-sponsored by state Rep. John Connor, D-Lockport, to keep lethal weapons out of the hands of those who suffer from mental illness passed the House and will advance to the Senate for consideration. “I was proud to join a bipartisan group of representatives to take the first step in common sense legislation to address the problem of firearms getting into the hands of individuals who have a history of mental illness and whose friends and family believe are harmful to themselves and others in the community,” Connor said. “Passing this legislation would allow law enforcement to intervene when someone reports that an individual with dangerous weapons in his or her possession is suffering from severe mental illness, contemplating suicide or threatening violence to others.”